Back on Track for 2009

Jan 03, 2009

Well another new year is here and with it a new opportunity to get my rear in gear and get this weight off.  I had a horrible December as far as weight loss goes...made poor food choices and with the weather situation spent more time in my recliner than out and moving.  Consequently, I did not lose any weight...I gained a little...but have lost that now and am back on track to a greater weight loss in January.  Hopefully I will have lost at least a few pounds when I see my doctor on the 19th.  I did so well at my December visit - down 10.5 pounds since November - that I will be mortified if I haven't lost anything when I see him in January!  Today was our celebration of my and my mother's sisters, mom, and I went to The Lobster Shop for lunch.  I didn't do too badly, but did have some lobster bisque (full of calories) and a small lobster tail.  NO MORE NOW!!  Back on the weight loss wagon heading for onderland, which I hope to achieve by my one year bandiversary in May, if not sooner.


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