My story is kinda sad but I try not to let it get me down. I had a  Vertical banded gastroplasty  (VBG) (stomach stapling) in June 6,2000. So @ this point it's been 10 yrs. I had a bad DR. and only 2 follow ups. I've gotten so many side effects from GERD to GOUT! In btwn gaining more weight than I lost Approximately gaining 80LBS MORE! Hitting a max of 610! I meet my DR @ the hospital I work @ (NYC public Hospital) when I went to my clinic appointment by speaking to one of his cronies (another DR.) I was asking about a WLS he told me our facility didn't do them there but he knows some one that does and ask if I was willing to go to another hospital? I said yes! (I had great insurance, why not!) He sent me N2 an empty room w/only a desk N phone in it and told me to answer when it rings. The phone rings it was Dr------ he asked if I was interested N WLS my reaction was sure! (10yrs ago it was kinda hard to get wls done. He told me not to go back to the clinic N2 just leave now and don't tell them what had just happened on the phone. U C he works @ this hospital also. I took his info down N gave him a call from home to set up an appointment w/him.

He has a private practice in a house (renovated house N2 DR. office) I was impressed degrees plastered the walls N all, nice phat new Lexus out front. He told me the surgery would not take place @ our hospital but the private one he works @. I went to the private Hosp we spoke he drew blood told me he was going on vacation be back N 2weeks and I would have the surgery!!!!!! I was like wow! Kool! Who knew it was so simple. :) I told him I wanted the gastric bypass he said Oh no U don't want that it's toooo complicated u want the VBG! (found out the VBG cost more to do) I said but that's the old 1 I want the new one. He said trust me no u don't. What can u do but trust the DR. (funny I remember during the intake the PA said to me why do U want to have the surgery? I said BC I'm fat N wanna be fine. LOL! She was dying laughing, and saying I'm sorry I'm sorry! But i meant it to be funny. :)

OK He comes back I have surgery this is the 3rd time I've seen him. This all takes place with in 3 weeks. surgery was to be 2hrs which I found out for that operation was way to long, Was told it should have been 45Min 1hr tops, I was in there for 4.5 hrs.  My family was worried! I remember waking up after it trying to jump off the table and run BC I thought they were trying to hurt me, but I could not get down BC my feet were strapped to the table. My arms were free, they ran in and held my down and talked to me I was moaning I was in so much pain! This surgery requires a 9" incision so I was freshly opened. At that point I should have been in recovery but NOOOOO! they didn't have the morphine drip they forgot to order it, so what did they do!? They knocked me back out w/ anesthesia! My DR. told the anesthesiologist to do it he told my DR. NO! He starts to tell him there is no morphine and they were talking something about my levels then My Dr. did some calculations on a paper and the Anesthesiologist corrected them DR. said ok, they talked to me nicely and I went back under!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I woke up later on in recovery this is why it took so long 4.5 HRS! I awoke in pain. why? no morphine! They told me the morphine is here but the battery to the morphine pump is dead. They had to move me from the Gurney to my bed w/my 9" wound freshly stapled w/o morphine, OH GOD THE HORROR, THE PAIN. It took like 7 ppl to help me, I was still groggy from the anesthesia so I was no help. (God I feel like crying now) I finally realized something, I was like WHAT?!!!!!! I realized I had an NG tube (drain tube down my nose) and a catheter (urine drain tube) I asked my DR. why? U didn't tell me this would be. He said if I told u, U prob would not have done the surgery. (WHAT?!) Like I said I was still sluggish from the anesthesia but I was trying to reach up N choke him, BC all he was putting me through! I got up to the floor a day N a half later being the battery finally came. I Stayed in bed for 2 days (u should be walking the same day. Day 1-2 They gave me clear liquid, day 3  cube steak potatoes N carrots! I threw up all over the place! I told him I can't eat this, he said try. I did threw up again! I asked him why? He said the surgery is designed to discourage you from eating. HUH??!!? That made no sense to me! I stayed like 5days eating reg food throwing up! (anything w/ sugar stays down) He asked me a funny Q. He asked if I had to do it all over would I? I found this funny being post op when I got sick I would call him but he was Allllllllways in emergency surgery, in fact the day of my surg it was postponed 3 hrs BC he had an emerg surg. I think he sabotaged pts for the money. long story short I had two follow ups w/him to remove the staples on the outside of my stomach and never seen him again, he never called or anything and I could never get an appointment. Just as well during the visits all he wanted to do is talk about sex BC a couple of female DRs was trying to holla @ me N he was advising me to get @ them BC he wish he could, BC he had been trying. I could not think about women then, ur only priority is getting the pain out. LOL! One of the DRs was tending to me during my stay everyday she was so sweet, by the day B4 I left she was mean BC I wasn't paying her any attention. I was shy also(Missed op) LOL!

So I've been sick for 10yrs hospitalized w/all kind of ailments. Even had a unconfirmed stroke/heart attack (but didn't know it)  head CAT scan & EKG confirmed later. but I thank God I'm scheduled for a revision 9/13/10 Ive been through 5 DRs having to meet as much as an 80lbs weight loss only to do it then fail and gain it back B4 surgery :( 4 insurance companies denials and a whole lot of sickness N disappointments I've lost 25lbs so far in prep for my surgery gotta lose 15-20 more b4 it will happen I know I can do it w/in 2mons period. This is the short version. LOL! hit me up if u wanna know more. :)

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