Nov 29, 2011

SoOO today is my 1 year !SURGAVERSARY! so TO DATE BY WAY OF SURGERY I'VE LOST 132 lbs AND TOTAL FROM My HIGHEST PREPARING FOR SURG I've lost 186 LBS, could have been more but I've been slack gotta grind! But happy didn't gaining it! :)

Started school and was suprised!

Jul 04, 2011

SO I started school (college) for the summer semester. OMG I don't recall any of this math in HS. LOL! :( LOL! Just one class to get my feet wet. My professor speaks very fast, I hate that, c'mon man I'm old! have mercy! LOL! My class is 3hrs long so we had a 20 min break half way through. I went into the hall to make a few calls while looking out the window, up close beautiful views of skyscrapers (School is in lower Manhattan NY across from world Trade Center) As I'm looking @ the view while on the phone and this slim beautiful Middle Eastern young lady came into my window space remarking how beautiful the view is and kept talking (I'm on the phone) so I moved and told her U can take my space she started taking pics of the view. I soon got of the phone she said this class is so boring the professor is boring and speaks so slow. She's in another class I asked what she is  taking and it was the same math I'm taking. I told her I wish I had her professor LOL!

She went on to say besides that there are no cute guys in my class. (Thinking, OK, this is why u come to school for?) SO I said my professor speakers very fast and he's animated, (very flamboyant in every way) I've been out of school for so long all this is crazy to me. She said well how old are you? I said how old do u think? she said about 21, around there. (flirty flattery?) When I lose weight I always look younger that's crazy! My ppl tell me I'm looking like a Lil boy now. LOL! OK so I told her add 20 yrs  to that and that's what I will be @ the end of July. She said OMG ur a yr young than my mom. (I WAS SPEECHLESS N DEAD! LOL!) I said how old R u? She said 18 (What?) I said I would have never guessed. She asked why I said BC U seem so much more mature than that, she said yeah I am and ppl tell me that all the time, I don't like to be around ppl my age I like older ppl, BC I'm so mature. I thought she was about 24yrs old.
(Hint, seen this movie B4 LOL!) she said soooooo do u have any children u married etc told me her name reached out her hand to shake mine and continued to flirt! I was like wow! (nasty Lil girl!) Na, just kidding, "To each their own" right? LOL!

But I had to rap it up BC break was over, she told me she hope to see me around again. And we did outside by the main building
(it was pick up ur I.D. day) we said hello she blushed N we kept it movin'. (Guess I was the cute guy) LOL!

But It's crazy when I was heavier no one really looked, even the gay guys look now (don't want that) LOL! But young girls were the worse saying things to their friends laughing under their breath. Funny I get flirted w/spoken to better @ store checkout,s women always smile whether @ Dr's office movies even all the running around and registering for school (my school is 60% female it's known for that in amongst the colleges in NY) I get looks/smiles from females B4 it was looks of like disgust. SMH I did nothing to U! I remember when I had my first surgery in 2000, as I stated I had a revision in 2010  this time BC my old Surgery VBG (Stomach staple) was a failure no good in general. But when I was partying women would  dance/talk w/ me but when I gained a lot of weight it stopped after surgery honestly I had more than I could deal with. It's sad why can't we love even like one another for what we see? OK, ur taste is ur taste, but what happened to just being nice to ppl? Smh. Why does society have to be this way?  Honestly I work in the public and found myself this way many yrs ago (attractive v. unattractive) and showed more favor to the ppl that were attractive. I had to chide myself and make a change (this is B4 i gained crazy weight) I did my Job well but showed a Lil more to the beautiful ppl (so called beautiful) SMH. Just love folk! Oh, I hope her daddy don't get me. LOL!


6 months post-op!

May 30, 2011

WOW I'm 6 Mons out! I got on the scale just to see whats up, I have not been on in a while due to water weight (my fault) BC I loves me sum SALTY foods! (food I cook) no chips. I also over exerted myself, (walking too much) I had a pain in my chest for about a week. I knew I was doing to much but I pushed and paid for it! :( LOL! But Doc says I'm good, took a physical day B4 yesterday :) but I said I gotta cut back on the salties. OK. I just finished eating when I realized wow today I'm 6 Months out! lets see what's up? TO my surprise I'm 102LBS down from surgery! Yaaa 4 me :) Thank u lord! :) And 156lbs in total from my highest weight!
I feel much better about a lot in life, besides getting up the confidence to enrolling in College this Fall also 1 Summer class, I took N pass the NYC Correctional Officer test! :) (stated in last blog) I've also passed my CDL (Commercial Drivers License) permit test. Looking to start CDL training in June! All good things in my life, to bad my girlfriend quit me 3 days ago :( (Not by my doings) Some ppl just don't wanna know truth about ppl/things around them in life and want to be blind and stubborn to truths.
(She also admitting I was correct about them.) I've always been very honest and up front about issues. (asked or not) LOL! OH Well whatcha gonna do? But I gotta keep pressing N do me! :)

Another accomplishment: I can type on my Keyboard and Laptop while it sits on my lap, can sit in the movies with both armrest down! LOL! Good stuff! :) Going to the movies 2morrow, been going for the past 3 weeks! Last time I was in a theater was in 2004! WOW! 7yrs ago. I can cross my legs and reach across myself and put my hand in my other front pocket, car seat belts not a problem anymore! :) I can run down stairs also do a Lil Running! Oh I forgot I gotta RUN to the store N get my 2 liter well shaken diet cherry Pepsi and put it in the freezer for the movies 2 morrow. This theater allows outside food n drinks. LOL! Later ppl! :)

1 month 12days post op clinic Weigh in.

Jan 10, 2011

Well Today I went to my primary Dr's Office weighed in and nurse told me my weight. I was not satisfied BC I didn't want to go through the drama of stripping BC MY new scale was to arrive today! My DR praised N encouraged me about my weight loss  and go on w/it. He wanted me to do labs to check my levels . As I went to get my blood drawn I stood in the waiting room [email protected]@king @ the Lil' tiny seats! Yikes! The seat U use to get ur blood drawn is a smaller padded seat w/padded  arm rest on them (I hate armrest!) :( LOL!

As I stood waiting to be called, I had for some reason forgot all about the Lil' seats w/ the armrests. These seats have been an enemy of mine for many yrs, BC I would have to sit in this type of seat @ least once a yr for blood work @ the job (Annual physical) As it was my turn to be called I went and stood B4 the person drawing blood. The 1st thing out my mouth was my (prerecorded message) "UM, that seat is to small for me, I'll just stand" And he look @ me as if  I was crazy. So I thought let me just check N see if i will fit, how embarrassed will I feel by someone already looking @ me like I'm crazy? SO I sat down and
(OMG I FIT IN THE SEAT!!!!!!!) WOW! This has not been for like in 15yrs! I was so happy! :)

As I (walked) home shopping and (walking) all over the place I ran N2 the UPS man a few blocks from my home. He recognized me and waved, (I do a lot of online shopping, it's easier BC of my weight) I thought oh yeah I have the scale coming today. So I told him I was expecting a package he gave it to me and I (walked) a few more blocks to the supermarket. I also picked up some (sugar free hard candy) (Wow!) LOL! OK Cut to the chase. B4 I weighed myself I put a 4lbs steel weight on first to make sure the scale was accurate and it read 4.0 lbs. I weighed it a few times, it was a go! OK so I got on and to my surprise, I lost 11LBS since my last Dr's visit 11 days ago! :) SO all together I'm 99LBS down from my highest weight and 45LBS down from the surgery weight. I'm very happy N pleased w/my progress! Thank U Lord! :) Oh, and my blood pressure was 129/70! WOW! :)

I'm very encouraged to keep it up and especially (WALK) :) Thanx for reading.

This is the scale I purchased. This is the cheapest I've found online. It's Max capacity is 550 Lbs. (gonna have to cut copy N past. (OH won't let U go through link)


They also sell it on Ebay.


1month post op weigh in w/a Lil Drama

Dec 30, 2010

Well today I went to my see my DR. w/o an appointment *Shrugs* I wanted weigh in, so (Me No Care) LOL! Since I was a walk in I had to see another DR w/ a nurse I didn't know (GREAT!) :( MY DR. N Nurse are cool so I didn't know what to expect
"Hated it!" (In living Color) LOL! This is my primary Dr's office (Hospital) The one I work @. When she called my name I said hello, she said U know ur going to C another DR not Ur's? I said no, but OK. We get in the office she says, w/an attitude get up on the scale! I let it slide. I told the nurse I wanted to take off all my clothes to get an accurate weigh in. Shes starts saying "NO!!!!" I told her I just had  WLS she was still like NO! U can't! Now this is something I do @ my other Dr's office @ the Hospital I had Surg @, both are City hospitals w/ the same policies. This Woman tells me, No, if U strip, it's in front of the DR not me! Another nurse was in the room she began to back her up. Um? 1st off I wanted the other nurse to leave BC she had no business there she was getting specimen bottles. I tried to explain I was just coming down to my skivvies (yes, I actually said "skivvies") I don't know why. SMH! LOL!  she kept insisting I was wrong. I said well @ lest let me take off my boots! She was like "Go Ahead." Then the other nurse leaves.

But B4 I got on the scale N  took off my jean shirt  (I took off my shirt anyway!) She was mad. (IDC) I said Ur talking about how wrong I am. But that other nurse had no right to be here she had nothing to do w/ my case. Ur asking me personal Q in front of her (HIPPA VIOLATION) I have the right to privacy U have the door open where all can see, curtains not drawn, (now shes closing the door N pulling the curtains.) I said 2 her I work here, I've been employed here since 1989! I've been coming to this clinic for over 10yrs! I was working her B4 they turned this block N2 CLINICs! And I've never heard a patient does not have the right to come down to any garment they chose to as long as a gown is giving them privacy! I flashed my ID N she stars saying well maybe we got off on the wrong foot, I didn't understand what U were saying earlier. (likely story lady!) I told her I was going to inquire if the whole no stripping except for the DR is true, she said NOTHING! She stood there looking sad. I asked her for her name N got her title! She weighed my and after I got home I weighed my pants LOL! My jeans are thick/heavy cargo pants w/a belt N I forgot to take my camera out my pocket. It all weighed 4LBS! (Every ounce counts!) LOL! I saw 2 co workers they were like WOW Ur looking good I see ur WL! I knew she was telling me truth BC she described it the same way my mother did. I was very plzed! :)

OK on to the numbers. So Today would make me 1month N 1 day post op I've now lost a total of (((37 LBS)))! I'm very grateful (to God) for this! As I said in my last blog I caught another gout attack and can not take water pills so I'm retaining some water but as soon as it's over I'll get back to walking. But not gonna rush the protein. Protein along w/ rapid weight loss and water pills stirs gout. But other than this I'm good and very happy for the progress. Just a Lil greedy BC If I didn't have the extra water The WL # would have been greater. Well there is always next time :) Thanx for reading.

1 Month out! :)

Dec 29, 2010

Well 2day is 1month post op 4 me (that was fast! Going to see my primary DR in the morning, wanted to go yesterday but all the snow in NY nothing was happening. So I'll get my weight taken but a Lil worried BC I have water weight. I caught another Gout attack! in my other foot so now it's in both! SMH I guess I rushed it BC 1 of the the causes of gout are diuretics (water pills) I can't take them until the attack is over. I say I rushed it BC I was feeling great walking for exercise and all (walking gets out the extra water)so B4 I was fully healed I was like 95% better I dove N2 my Protein foods N drinks. Big mistake I came back in full force w/protein! So now that I can't take my water pills I'm starting to retain water so I know the scale will tip out of my favor, I just have to except that. I've had as much as 17LBS of water in me @ times!  I don't think it's that bad but my ankles legs N thighs are swollen, my back is not (thankful) but was last week. So I guess I'll just take my weight w/ a grain of salt. :(  Well afterward I'll know whats really good (buying own scale) so I'm not gonna stress it. But it's all good still have a good outlook on my weight loss.
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Dec 20, 2010

Well Today I was able to get out and finally go for my walk! Today I'm 3 weeks post op as I blogged b4 I couldn't get out the way I wanted 2BC of gout, but It has eased up considerably so off I went. I just walked around my block, (Long, NYC blocks) I initially was just gonna Trek once around but I felt so good I said OK I'll do 2 nearing 2 I was like I still feel good lets go for 3! I thought well 2 day makes 3 weeks post op so for each week I'm post op I'll add another lap around the block. Which after doing some calculations (mapquest) I found out I did 2.1 miles! Wow, even when I would go to the gym and walk on the treadmill I could only do 1 mile. well yeah I was heavier by like 30lbs. and it took 30 Mins.

But non the less I was able to do 2.1 mils in 48Min. Most definitely a record 4me. LOL! I'm not gonna push it I may do this starting off 3x a week Mon, Wed, Fri, but I feel like I could/should at least do 1 mile on the off days Tues, Thurs. Besides I seen my neighbours watching me, one that even made a comment pre op telling me  look like ur loosing weight (she's skinny) so 2day she says (smiling) "I see ur coming down"  and then tried to give me some tips (yadda, yadda, yadda) I should have said in my
George Lopez voice "Don't worry, I got this!" LOL! Being it's winter and were wearing coats they're all gonna think it was all the walking that caused me to lose the weight LOL! Well it's definitely helping a great deal :) But each week on the post op Monday I will (try) to increase it by 1 lap. By time summer comes I will have my treadmill, BC I hate the heat. I'll be home under the A/C walking and watching TV :) Yes this is a journey, literally! :)

Facing the Music!

Dec 16, 2010

Well Today I went to my clinic appointment and got on the scale! :( I'm 18days post-op and in the 18 days

I've lost "27 LBS!" WOW! This is 1.5 lbs a day!  Well I lost 55 LBS b4 Surgery so in all  82 Lbs! Well I'm happy I see the weight loss diffrence in my body N face so do others :). I have not been able to get out N walk yet due to "gout" so once it's over I will get out N do the walk thing for excersise. Can't wait for that. :) But just wanted to update Thanx for reading.


Dec 04, 2010

Ok I'm 5 days post-op and I'm having a GOUT ATTACK! :( I can't take my meds "Indomethacin" bc it's an NSAID. I'm hope it does not get worse. I'm drinking only water now and eating berries. Cherries (Gout reliever) are out of season :( The cherries in the jar (corn syrup/fructose) scared to drink apple cider vinegar.  I know many ppl don't have gout but I need advise plz!

Well It's Done!

Dec 02, 2010

I had my 10 yr. long waited repair of my stomach staple converting/revision over to a Gastric bypass. AS U can tell, I'm alive! :)  I went in on Sunday Night @ 11:00 pm Surg Monday morning, Discharged on Wednesday night. They said I did great! (All thanks to GOD) I have clinic 2morrow. Feeling discomfort/bloated/sore not talking on the phone I feel miserable :(. Body is  sore my butt hurts from all the hrs lying/sitting. My Surgery was (6) SIX HOURS! Repair Hernia also. I was the Heaviest and longest time they've done a conversion/Revision on.

For the most part I have not answered/called any1. My voice is weak @ times and I feel irritable and Lil jittery but this is expected and said to pass. They said this is due also to Six Hrs of Anesthesia I feel crappy. My body is Sore All over, they said from being in 1 position all those HRS. I haven't had any pain meds yet since being home, due to a slow pharmacy but will have them by time I get in from clinic, and I will sleep lovely! But none the less thank God I made it! God bless ppl.



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