Well It's Done!

Dec 02, 2010

I had my 10 yr. long waited repair of my stomach staple converting/revision over to a Gastric bypass. AS U can tell, I'm alive! :)  I went in on Sunday Night @ 11:00 pm Surg Monday morning, Discharged on Wednesday night. They said I did great! (All thanks to GOD) I have clinic 2morrow. Feeling discomfort/bloated/sore not talking on the phone I feel miserable :(. Body is  sore my butt hurts from all the hrs lying/sitting. My Surgery was (6) SIX HOURS! Repair Hernia also. I was the Heaviest and longest time they've done a conversion/Revision on.

For the most part I have not answered/called any1. My voice is weak @ times and I feel irritable and Lil jittery but this is expected and said to pass. They said this is due also to Six Hrs of Anesthesia I feel crappy. My body is Sore All over, they said from being in 1 position all those HRS. I haven't had any pain meds yet since being home, due to a slow pharmacy but will have them by time I get in from clinic, and I will sleep lovely! But none the less thank God I made it! God bless ppl.



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