Dec 20, 2010

Well Today I was able to get out and finally go for my walk! Today I'm 3 weeks post op as I blogged b4 I couldn't get out the way I wanted 2BC of gout, but It has eased up considerably so off I went. I just walked around my block, (Long, NYC blocks) I initially was just gonna Trek once around but I felt so good I said OK I'll do 2 nearing 2 I was like I still feel good lets go for 3! I thought well 2 day makes 3 weeks post op so for each week I'm post op I'll add another lap around the block. Which after doing some calculations (mapquest) I found out I did 2.1 miles! Wow, even when I would go to the gym and walk on the treadmill I could only do 1 mile. well yeah I was heavier by like 30lbs. and it took 30 Mins.

But non the less I was able to do 2.1 mils in 48Min. Most definitely a record 4me. LOL! I'm not gonna push it I may do this starting off 3x a week Mon, Wed, Fri, but I feel like I could/should at least do 1 mile on the off days Tues, Thurs. Besides I seen my neighbours watching me, one that even made a comment pre op telling me  look like ur loosing weight (she's skinny) so 2day she says (smiling) "I see ur coming down"  and then tried to give me some tips (yadda, yadda, yadda) I should have said in my
George Lopez voice "Don't worry, I got this!" LOL! Being it's winter and were wearing coats they're all gonna think it was all the walking that caused me to lose the weight LOL! Well it's definitely helping a great deal :) But each week on the post op Monday I will (try) to increase it by 1 lap. By time summer comes I will have my treadmill, BC I hate the heat. I'll be home under the A/C walking and watching TV :) Yes this is a journey, literally! :)


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