1month post op weigh in w/a Lil Drama

Dec 30, 2010

Well today I went to my see my DR. w/o an appointment *Shrugs* I wanted weigh in, so (Me No Care) LOL! Since I was a walk in I had to see another DR w/ a nurse I didn't know (GREAT!) :( MY DR. N Nurse are cool so I didn't know what to expect
"Hated it!" (In living Color) LOL! This is my primary Dr's office (Hospital) The one I work @. When she called my name I said hello, she said U know ur going to C another DR not Ur's? I said no, but OK. We get in the office she says, w/an attitude get up on the scale! I let it slide. I told the nurse I wanted to take off all my clothes to get an accurate weigh in. Shes starts saying "NO!!!!" I told her I just had  WLS she was still like NO! U can't! Now this is something I do @ my other Dr's office @ the Hospital I had Surg @, both are City hospitals w/ the same policies. This Woman tells me, No, if U strip, it's in front of the DR not me! Another nurse was in the room she began to back her up. Um? 1st off I wanted the other nurse to leave BC she had no business there she was getting specimen bottles. I tried to explain I was just coming down to my skivvies (yes, I actually said "skivvies") I don't know why. SMH! LOL!  she kept insisting I was wrong. I said well @ lest let me take off my boots! She was like "Go Ahead." Then the other nurse leaves.

But B4 I got on the scale N  took off my jean shirt  (I took off my shirt anyway!) She was mad. (IDC) I said Ur talking about how wrong I am. But that other nurse had no right to be here she had nothing to do w/ my case. Ur asking me personal Q in front of her (HIPPA VIOLATION) I have the right to privacy U have the door open where all can see, curtains not drawn, (now shes closing the door N pulling the curtains.) I said 2 her I work here, I've been employed here since 1989! I've been coming to this clinic for over 10yrs! I was working her B4 they turned this block N2 CLINICs! And I've never heard a patient does not have the right to come down to any garment they chose to as long as a gown is giving them privacy! I flashed my ID N she stars saying well maybe we got off on the wrong foot, I didn't understand what U were saying earlier. (likely story lady!) I told her I was going to inquire if the whole no stripping except for the DR is true, she said NOTHING! She stood there looking sad. I asked her for her name N got her title! She weighed my and after I got home I weighed my pants LOL! My jeans are thick/heavy cargo pants w/a belt N I forgot to take my camera out my pocket. It all weighed 4LBS! (Every ounce counts!) LOL! I saw 2 co workers they were like WOW Ur looking good I see ur WL! I knew she was telling me truth BC she described it the same way my mother did. I was very plzed! :)

OK on to the numbers. So Today would make me 1month N 1 day post op I've now lost a total of (((37 LBS)))! I'm very grateful (to God) for this! As I said in my last blog I caught another gout attack and can not take water pills so I'm retaining some water but as soon as it's over I'll get back to walking. But not gonna rush the protein. Protein along w/ rapid weight loss and water pills stirs gout. But other than this I'm good and very happy for the progress. Just a Lil greedy BC If I didn't have the extra water The WL # would have been greater. Well there is always next time :) Thanx for reading.


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