1 month 12days post op clinic Weigh in.

Jan 10, 2011

Well Today I went to my primary Dr's Office weighed in and nurse told me my weight. I was not satisfied BC I didn't want to go through the drama of stripping BC MY new scale was to arrive today! My DR praised N encouraged me about my weight loss  and go on w/it. He wanted me to do labs to check my levels . As I went to get my blood drawn I stood in the waiting room [email protected]@king @ the Lil' tiny seats! Yikes! The seat U use to get ur blood drawn is a smaller padded seat w/padded  arm rest on them (I hate armrest!) :( LOL!

As I stood waiting to be called, I had for some reason forgot all about the Lil' seats w/ the armrests. These seats have been an enemy of mine for many yrs, BC I would have to sit in this type of seat @ least once a yr for blood work @ the job (Annual physical) As it was my turn to be called I went and stood B4 the person drawing blood. The 1st thing out my mouth was my (prerecorded message) "UM, that seat is to small for me, I'll just stand" And he look @ me as if  I was crazy. So I thought let me just check N see if i will fit, how embarrassed will I feel by someone already looking @ me like I'm crazy? SO I sat down and
(OMG I FIT IN THE SEAT!!!!!!!) WOW! This has not been for like in 15yrs! I was so happy! :)

As I (walked) home shopping and (walking) all over the place I ran N2 the UPS man a few blocks from my home. He recognized me and waved, (I do a lot of online shopping, it's easier BC of my weight) I thought oh yeah I have the scale coming today. So I told him I was expecting a package he gave it to me and I (walked) a few more blocks to the supermarket. I also picked up some (sugar free hard candy) (Wow!) LOL! OK Cut to the chase. B4 I weighed myself I put a 4lbs steel weight on first to make sure the scale was accurate and it read 4.0 lbs. I weighed it a few times, it was a go! OK so I got on and to my surprise, I lost 11LBS since my last Dr's visit 11 days ago! :) SO all together I'm 99LBS down from my highest weight and 45LBS down from the surgery weight. I'm very happy N pleased w/my progress! Thank U Lord! :) Oh, and my blood pressure was 129/70! WOW! :)

I'm very encouraged to keep it up and especially (WALK) :) Thanx for reading.

This is the scale I purchased. This is the cheapest I've found online. It's Max capacity is 550 Lbs. (gonna have to cut copy N past. (OH won't let U go through link)


They also sell it on Ebay.



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