Started school and was suprised!

Jul 04, 2011

SO I started school (college) for the summer semester. OMG I don't recall any of this math in HS. LOL! :( LOL! Just one class to get my feet wet. My professor speaks very fast, I hate that, c'mon man I'm old! have mercy! LOL! My class is 3hrs long so we had a 20 min break half way through. I went into the hall to make a few calls while looking out the window, up close beautiful views of skyscrapers (School is in lower Manhattan NY across from world Trade Center) As I'm looking @ the view while on the phone and this slim beautiful Middle Eastern young lady came into my window space remarking how beautiful the view is and kept talking (I'm on the phone) so I moved and told her U can take my space she started taking pics of the view. I soon got of the phone she said this class is so boring the professor is boring and speaks so slow. She's in another class I asked what she is  taking and it was the same math I'm taking. I told her I wish I had her professor LOL!

She went on to say besides that there are no cute guys in my class. (Thinking, OK, this is why u come to school for?) SO I said my professor speakers very fast and he's animated, (very flamboyant in every way) I've been out of school for so long all this is crazy to me. She said well how old are you? I said how old do u think? she said about 21, around there. (flirty flattery?) When I lose weight I always look younger that's crazy! My ppl tell me I'm looking like a Lil boy now. LOL! OK so I told her add 20 yrs  to that and that's what I will be @ the end of July. She said OMG ur a yr young than my mom. (I WAS SPEECHLESS N DEAD! LOL!) I said how old R u? She said 18 (What?) I said I would have never guessed. She asked why I said BC U seem so much more mature than that, she said yeah I am and ppl tell me that all the time, I don't like to be around ppl my age I like older ppl, BC I'm so mature. I thought she was about 24yrs old.
(Hint, seen this movie B4 LOL!) she said soooooo do u have any children u married etc told me her name reached out her hand to shake mine and continued to flirt! I was like wow! (nasty Lil girl!) Na, just kidding, "To each their own" right? LOL!

But I had to rap it up BC break was over, she told me she hope to see me around again. And we did outside by the main building
(it was pick up ur I.D. day) we said hello she blushed N we kept it movin'. (Guess I was the cute guy) LOL!

But It's crazy when I was heavier no one really looked, even the gay guys look now (don't want that) LOL! But young girls were the worse saying things to their friends laughing under their breath. Funny I get flirted w/spoken to better @ store checkout,s women always smile whether @ Dr's office movies even all the running around and registering for school (my school is 60% female it's known for that in amongst the colleges in NY) I get looks/smiles from females B4 it was looks of like disgust. SMH I did nothing to U! I remember when I had my first surgery in 2000, as I stated I had a revision in 2010  this time BC my old Surgery VBG (Stomach staple) was a failure no good in general. But when I was partying women would  dance/talk w/ me but when I gained a lot of weight it stopped after surgery honestly I had more than I could deal with. It's sad why can't we love even like one another for what we see? OK, ur taste is ur taste, but what happened to just being nice to ppl? Smh. Why does society have to be this way?  Honestly I work in the public and found myself this way many yrs ago (attractive v. unattractive) and showed more favor to the ppl that were attractive. I had to chide myself and make a change (this is B4 i gained crazy weight) I did my Job well but showed a Lil more to the beautiful ppl (so called beautiful) SMH. Just love folk! Oh, I hope her daddy don't get me. LOL!


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