Only 5 more days until revision

Jan 10, 2018

You guys would not believe I called and rescheduled my procedure for February 19th. I started my preop diet, my husband submitted to be off, and my mother-in-law is scheduled to come on Saturday. I got so afraid of having this done on Monday that I cancelled for the 15th. If you have read my prior post this is Dejavue from my scheduled revision surgery January 2017. I cancelled my surgery for similar reasons last year.

Last night I vomited again in my sleep and started coughing to clear my airway. I then went back to sleep realizing how common this has become for me. I swallowed my pride today and discussed my fears with my husband and my doctor's staff. I asked if I can continue forward with the same date if it was available and if not I would take that as a sign that it's not the right time for me. Well they were still able to do the surgery on the 15th just at a later time. So I am taking that as my sign from God that I need to move forward. 

My biggest fear is vitamin difficiency, hair loss, and complications from the bypass. My sleeve procedure went so smooth and was such a success for me that I can't imagine anything else. I guess my fear comes from reading the complications of others. Any encouragement would be great as I navigate through these next 5 days.

Sleeved 1/31/14

HW 286

LW (prepregnancy) 186

LW (postpregnancy) 217

CW (before preop diet) 230

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