Unexpected issue

Feb 19, 2019

This is not a bad thing, but it's not the fun part of weight loss either. However, I have decided that I'm going to post the "bad" as well as the good in case it can help someone else. With the amount of weight I've already lost, I already have some hanging skin. I have so much skin on the underside of my arm that lately it has been rubbing against my armpit and causing skin irritation there. That is not something I anticipated when I started this weight loss journey, but I suppose I should have. I am looking at options to keep the skin from rubbing there, but in the meantime I thought I would post this so that anyone who is just starting their weight loss journey can be made aware that this may be an issue and anticipate ways to counteract it when/if it happens.

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Feb 04, 2019

I'm currently looking for a scale. I want to make sure that I get the right one for me. However, I had a bit of a non-scale victory a couple of days ago. When I was much heavier, I couldn't squat down to see things on a bottom shelf or anything like that. A couple of days ago, I tried squatting down to see if I could do it, and I was able to do it. I wasn't able to hold it for long because it hurt to do so, but I was able to do it for about a minute. It may seem like a weird thing to be excited about, but it is something that I haven't been able to do for a long time.

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Scale frustration

Jan 24, 2019

I'm finding that the scale that I have been weighing on is starting to not work as well. I'm not yet to a weight that I can weigh on the scale my mother has, but I can't get a new scale right now. I'm hoping it can last until I can weigh on my mom's scale, but I don't know that that will happen. I've had it for years, and it has worked all this time. It just is frustrating that I can't get an accurate weight right now. I have been estimating my weight based on the last time I got an accurate and then weighing on my scale. I add the difference between the two to the weight I've been getting on my scale lately. It just seems that lately the number is off again.


Noticing Changes

Jan 22, 2019

So far I've lost over 120 lbs. and still have more to go. I've noticed that even though I still have far more to lose, I am starting to have my skin wrinkle in certain places like my waist and my abdomen. Even though I could freak out about the fact that my skin is wrinkling up, I choose to view it as a positive sign as it means that I have lost a large amount of weight. Staying positive, even on the bad days, is what keeps me going with this weight loss journey.


On another note, I have also started a vlog on YouTube. When I originally recorded the message, I had not intended on monitizing the vlog I just wanted to help other people who might be in similar situations. However, since it was an option I decided to go ahead and do it. My first video is already up, and I'm going to work on a second video soon. This first video tells a little bit about how I got to where I am, and shows some pictures and video clips of my weight loss process and my exercise regime. If you want to view the video, you can view it here.

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Slowing Down Due to Pain

Jan 15, 2019

Today I went for my swim, but about part way through the first lap my shoulder started hurting. I had to just do walking laps. I didn't do my walk on the beach because I was taking care of my shoulder. I'll be back on it tomorrow, but I had to take today to take care of my shoulder. Back on it tomorrow though.

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Exercise Routine

Jan 13, 2019

When I tried to diet back in 2008, I started walking on a treadmill and couldn't even do 5 minutes at 1.7 miles per hour. I eventually built up to where I was walking 4 miles a day on the beach. I had to almost start over this time of losing weight. After I got sick in April of 2018, I was really weak. I have been building up my strength since then. Before I got sick, I was swimming laps several times a week. After I got sick, I couldn't do the swimming the laps for a long time after. I had to walk the laps in the pool. I started by walking a few laps and built up the number of laps. Then I started walking on walking paths in a local park. Now I'm back to walking on the beach. I'm not anywhere near the 4 miles a day yet, but I'm trying to build up to it. I am also back to swimming laps as often as I can. I thank God that he has been giving me the strength and allowing me to lose the weight.


Broke a plateau

Jan 05, 2019

I had somewhat of a plateau for about 2 months. I finally seem to have broken that plateau about a week ago, and my weight loss is back to actually losing weight like I had been before the plateau. During what I consider my plateau, I was still losing weight, but only about a pound or two a month instead of what is now my average of about 11 pounds a month.



Disappointment into something better

Jan 02, 2019

I was signed up to have surgery on August 14, 2017. I was originally quoted a price of $9,000 which at the time I was able to finance. However, when I signed up for the surgery, they quoted me a price of $13,000. I was not able to finance the extra $4,000 because I didn't have the credit. So the surgery never happened. In the meantime, I kept gaining weight. I was at a point where I had just given up and my thought was that I would just eat myself to death. In April of 2018, I got really sick. I had an extremely bad kidney infection. Thank God I didn't die from it and that it was the catalyst for my weight loss. Later in the month, my mom had bought some probiotic pearls that she found on clearance which she thought to try. A couple of days later, she still hadn't tried them so I asked if I could try them. Apparently my system was so out of wack that about an hour after taking the first probiotic pearl I had a great deal of abdominal pain. If you ever decide to try probiotic pearls, I would suggest eating probiotic yogurt for a couple of days before hand so that you won't have as painful a reaction. We discovered that this was a good idea because I had never eaten probiotic yogurt before and tried the pearls and had pain. My mother had eaten probiotic yogurt, and when she tried the pearls she didn't have the pain. After taking the first couple of probiotic pearls, I went from eating seconds and thirds to only eating about 1/3 of what was on my plate. I also discovered through elimination diet, that products with gluten in them do not like me. I have been on this weight loss journey for almost 9 months now, and so far I have lost over 1/3 of what I need to lose. To God be the Glory!


Back on Track

Jun 17, 2008

For about a month, I was sick first with a stomach bug, and then with a cold. I got out of my routine for that time. I am now back into my routine and back on track. When I was sick, I had even gained back 6 lbs. I have now lost those 6 lbs. and then some.  

weight loss progress

Apr 11, 2008

About 5 or 6 days ago I started drinking a lot of water as well as doing my diet and exercise. I've lost almost 10 lbs. in 6 days.

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