Apr 06, 2019

So apparently my scale's attempt at working again was just a last gasp of a dying scale. I got a new scale today as a birthday present. My birthday was Thursday, but I was working that day and this way I got to pick the scale that I wanted. I weighed myself at the store to test the scale on a concrete floor and then came home and tried it out on my wood floor that's up on blocks to see what if any difference there was. The difference was only 0.6 lbs. I then tested the difference between my new scale and my old scale, and apparently, the old scale was telling me that my weight was 35 lbs. under what it actually is. I will adjust my weight on here accordingly. I'm not going to let that get me discouraged. That still has me under 400 lbs., and considering that I started this journey somewhere around 500 lbs. that's still in the right direction just not by as much as I thought it was. Now to keep plugging on. I hope to be around my goal weight by my next birthday, and considering that at my last birthday I weighed around 1/4 of a ton it's still progress. 


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I got about 30lbs. heavier than I was in this picture. This was 8 months before I started my diet.

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