Weight Loss Set Backs and Come Backs

May 14, 2019

In the one month and one week since my last post, I've had a great deal going on, but I've been trying to keep on track. It seems as if I had gained a little bit of weight while my old scale was broken before I bought the new scale. For the last few days, I've been fluctuating between a 7 and 9 lb loss since about a mont ago. I've gotten rid of half of the stress that was on me keeping me from losing weight. I'm working on getting rid of the other source of stress, but that one is taking more time. While it's not the 15 lbs a month that I had previously been doing, 7 - 9 lbs is still a huge deal, and any weight loss is better than a weight gain. A nearly 100 lb weight loss is nothing to sneeze at, especially in only a little over a year.

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