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"She is very well trained in laproscopic surgery. I researched her background and her fellowship training. Which included general surgery, laprascopic surgery, and pediatric laproscopic sugery on top of everything. As a physician I am aware of the levels of training required for proficiency in technique. I was well enough impressed.rnrnShe is very confident (what surgeon isn't). She is certianly pleasant enough.rnrnHer assistant Jane can be very helpfull. Can't say much for the rest of the staff I did not really interact with them..rnrnShe explained the risks well, and there was an excellent information session given by the surgical group that you are required to attend. They explained all the types of generally accepted obesity surgery, which between them they perform them all.rn It seemed to me the group as a whole really pushed Lap gastric bypass with roux en y. I have found US surgeons often do that.rn rnShe has a structured after care program.rnI would rate her highly so far. ;-)rnrnI would say her surgical competence is her defining credit.rnrnLast but not least, I was really happy to have a female surgeon. rnrnI am very happy with my outcome, I am thrilled that I have done this.rnrnI would reccomend her to anyone interested in obesity surgery.rnrnAgain these are my personal opinions, and impressions, the way I interpreted my experience.rn"
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