My story...  Well that's a tough one...

I was born 37 years ago, a normal healthy baby.  However, on my father's side of the family, pretty much everyone is/was overweight, quite a lot.  My paternal grandparents owned a chip wagon somewhere in Quebec!  I never got to see it, but my father was the cook in our house, so you can just imagine!  I didn't get overweight until about the age of 8 or 9.  Then the trouble started.

When he moved out, after my mom gave him the boot, we started eating healthier, but bad habits die hard.  My mother makes the best french fries this sid eof the rockies!

I was always the laughing stock.  I remember in elementary school, having the do 10 laps around the school yard, almost wanting to throw myself on the ground, feeling sick, with the PE teacher making fun of the fat kid with the other kids.  I don't wish stuff like that on anyone.  My weight has caused me much pain.

When everyone in school started dating, I of course, didn't get "picked".  I wasn't thin and cute!  So I when I figured out how to get boys interested in me, I can only say that I'm lucky that in the end I found a good man, and didn't end up in a much worse situation.

When I finally married, I had the good luck of marrying someone who has the good fortune of being able to eat anything, anytime, including instant chinese noodles every night.  Before we met, I had gone down to 160 lbs, my thinnest ever as an adult, but the chinese noodles, did it to me...  Then 2 kids, countless weight loss trials, and here I am now.

I cringe when my 12 year old son, who has my genes, say that kids make fun of him at school, that he's fat.  He is very healthy, eats anything, but that's what he inherited from me.  Luckily my daughter got my husband's genes.

To be continued....

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