Well it has been a long long time since I have even updated on this thing.  Where shall I start let me start by saying back about 2 years ago the last of September I had to be rushed to the hospital I was bleeding out.  The paramedics could not find a blood pressure on me.  While in the hospital they ran every test that they could that they was equiped to run and did not know where the bleeding was coming from.  I almost died several times.  I was in ICU for a week at one hospital and the last day at that hospital they decided to rush me to a bigger hospital.  While the nurses had me on the bedside potty I died they could not get a blood pressure on me.  I ended up on the floor and they had to get me up in the bed and clean me up and give me yet another pint of blood.  It was after that they rushed me to the other hospital.  That same day right after I got there they done another scope and they didnt find anything until they done an angio and they found a hole in my duodnuim so they thought they got it fixed and they did not so I had to go back in again and they found another hole in it.  This information that I am about to give you please do not take asprin only Tylenol.  For us it can eat a hole in you and it can kill you.  My oldest son had his friends at school praying for me.  Then a few months after I got out I found out I was going to be a grandmother for the first time.  I must say being a grandmother is great.  I have a grandson named Noah Jaxson and the apple of my eye and can do no wrong.  For all you that are about to go this surgery  go for it.  I may have had to have 15 pints of blood put in me and 2 weeks in ICU but I have lost weight and right now I am doing much better.  I had this surgery in 2005 in December and it was 2 years in September from this day when I was bleeding out.  Good Luck and God Be with each and every person that reads this.


I started out at with 2 boys and not being able to see them.  I went through a battle of depression after having them taken way that resulted in a lot of weight gain.  I tipped the scales at 409lbs and the day of my surgery at 374lbs.

I too had medical problems ending at not being able to take care of myself when going to the restroom.  If I was going to be going away I would have to sneak my husband into the ladies room just to help me take care of my needs. 

Since my surgery I am now able to take care of my own needs and since the adoption of my boys I am now able to see my boys anytime I would like to have them.  I am now able to run after my boys and play and enjoy them.  I do still hurt but I try not to hurt when I am with my boys and getting out and enjoying life with them.

I do want to thank my support team from Johnson Memorial and my husband and my sister Roxanna and my brother Roy Jr and my mother and most of all my 2 handsom sons Jeffery and Kyle and I have to thank my husband and best of all number 1 my Jesus and Savior Lord Jesus Christ. 

Without the help of these people it makes it hard to be able to stick with it.  Thank you all.


I have been over weight since I was a small child.  I have always dreamed about loosing the weight and being thin.  I have tried the medifast program and redux, dexatrim, metabolife, herbal life and all of which have failed.  I have also tried the nutrition counsiling and that has also failed. I would like the help to loose the weight and the surgery and win back my life and get active with my children.  I do have arthritis, fybromyalgia, my spine is curved and legs hurt all the time and I am a diabetic and I have hypertension.  My legs hurt just to go for a short walk.  My breath could be better if I just lost the weight. As far as my hygene goes, my husband has to help take care of me after I go to the restroom. I just want my life back.  I want to be able to live to see my children graduate from high school and to see my grandchildren and my grandchildrens children graduate from high school.  I have a long road ahead of me but I know I can do it. Polly


Well this is 4-11-05 and There is just a couple more days before I have my surgery.  I went today for my PAT's and found out I lost some weight.  I am down -23 and I weigh 386.  This makes me happy and I feel good now that I am under 400lbs.  I know I am in God's hands.  With lots of prayers I know with all my heart I will pull through the surgery.  Well I will up date more after I get home.  Polly

Well this is April the 18th 2005 and I was suppose to have my surgery on April 13th 2005 and I did not have it.  I was too scared and was too emotional.  So I am going to go to some one on one councling and also I am going to go to as many group meetings as I can.  I hope that in the future I will be able to have the surgery and trust the doctor who is doing the surgery so I can have the best possible outcome possible.  Polly

Well this is now May 1.  where has the time gone.  before long there will be a new year coming again.  I went to the support group meeting and asked the questions that I had fears about.  I got them answered and with the power of God I feel so ready than I ever was.  I want to thank my husband Dean Goldman and my friend David Ferrell for offering to stand behind me while I go through with this.  I also want to thank my mother in law who is also standing behind me and the rest of my husbands family. 

I do indeed have a friend that I admire most.  David Ferrell.  Ever since I have been friends with him I was scared for him when he went in for his surgery.  He is what helped me make the decision to go through with the surgery when I saw he made it out of surgery just fine and he is now home and doing great.  Thank you David for being a wonderful friend and who most of all should I thank is the Lord God in heaven.  I must thank him for leading me to this point.  I would have never decided to really do this without the Lord.  I was so scared the first time I was suppose to go for the surgery that the Lord showed me to back out of the surgery and it was ok.  Then when I got my questions answered he showed me that I will be ok.  With all the prayers I know the Lord God almighty will help me through this surgery.  Polly

Well this is now May 18 of 2005 and I went to see the surgeon on the 17th of May and I was very disappointed.  Since I backed out of the surgery the day of my surgery I now cant have my surgery for a year.  I have to wait a year before I can see about getting it.  All thanks to the doctor not answering my questions before the darn surgery.  I kept scheduling to see the doctor and they would keep canceling my appointment which really frustrates me.  I find this is the fault of her and her office.  Well I will keep you posted.  Maybe something will come up in the near future.  Polly

Well This is now June and my birthday has come and gone.  I still have not gotten my surgery.  I still have to wait.  Which I am willing to do.  But I also have to attend the support group meetings which I have been doing.  Thus far I have not missed one knock on wood.  I guess if the good Lord is willing I will be attending every support group meeting that is held until March.  I wish it was March already.  But who knows maybe if I keep going to these meetings maybe the Doctor will let me have the surgery in August like I would like to.  I guess it is a long shot.  But I have my support team.  Thanks goes out to my husband Dean and my friend David Ferrell.  If I ever have any questions David is there to answer.  Well until the next time.  God Bless.  Polly


Well it is now August and I have talked to the cordinator for the support groups in Indiana and since I backed out of my surgery in April.  I will be able to get the surgery before Christmas.  So instead of having to wait until March to have the surgery it will be before Christmas.  What a blessing it is to hand this surgery over to the Lord when it is weighing on your shoulders. 
You must know you dont have to go it alone.  You can always give the decision over to the Lord.  This is what I have done and now feel at peace with the decision.  If this is what the Lord wants me to do then I shall do what is asked of me.

Thank you Jesus for allowing me to do this surgery.  Hopefully the next time I follow up with my profile I will have gone through the surgery and on the loosing side.



Well this is September 25th the day after the Walk From Obesity.  Yes I did attend and no I did not do the walk.  I did take my scooter but I did not use it.  I did in fact see my surgeon there and I did in fact talk to her.  She was in fact impressed that I was up and out of the scooter and was walking around a little to some of the booths that was there. 

Since backing out of the surgery in April I have had to attend 6 months of support group meetings and October being the last one that I have to attend to get the surgery.  But I am not going to make that the last support group that I attend.  I find that these support group meetings do help out a great deal when you have questions that need to be answered.  I do recommend that everyone attends their local support group meetings.  These should be mandatory before having the surgery.  I'm not talking just attending one I am talking attending several before one makes up their mind about the surgery.


This is where you can find your questions answered and you can set your mind at ease.  Besides it also helps to give this decision over to the Lord.  Let the lord take care of this and if he wants you to have this surgery then by all means it is meant to be.  I can now get this surgery in November only if the Lord is willing for me to have it done then.  I no longer have fears.  I am totally ready this time.  This is what I have dreamed to have done for a while now.  I just was not ready then but am ready now. 

I have lost another 2lbs and I have dropped 2 pant sizes after wearing a size 38 for the last 3 yrs.  I have went from a size 5x shirt to a size 4x shirt.  This has been done by only steaming my meals.  I don't get all the fat.  In fact it helps to have a pet that can have table food because you can share your meals with the pet.  I share my meals with my cat so I don't get to eat all of my food which means that is less food that I am eating.  Which makes it better for me.

I hope by time I talk to you again I will be on the other side loosing weight and being able to shop in a regular clothing store.  Polly

This is September 29 2005.  I attended another support group meeting since my backing out of the surgery in April.  It sure does help to attend those meetings.  This makes me attending 6 of the 7 support group meetings that I have to attend.  I have 1 more left but I am going to throw in an extra one to make a better impression on the doctor.  So it will make me having attend 8 meetings total.  If the good lord is willing then I am going to allow him to work in my life through the sugery.  I don't know how much I can thank Jesus for allowing me to go through all of the steps and hope to make it to the last step and have the surgery and be proud that I have done this and going to be making my health better than what I am when weighing at 379lbs.  Thank you Jesus.
Will up date again next month after the next support group meetings.  Polly

Well this is now October 28th and I have attended all of my support group meetings that I was suppose to attend.  I called the surgeons office on Wednesday and got an appointment to see her for my re evaluation.  That is set up for November 7th at 3:00 in the afternoon.  God is good isn't he.  If we only trust in him more and let him take care of the things that we need to have lifted off of our shoulders.  Thank you Jesus.   We will up date more in November with a date.  Polly

Well this is now November 8th and I had my appointment with Dr Lindsay on the 7th of November and I have a date set for my surgery for December 14th.  After all that hard work I have done I sure hope this will be worth the pay off in the long run.

Well this is now November 19th and it is starting to sink in.  I'm not scared yet and I am not having those bad dreams like I had before but I just wish the 14th was already here.  I am ready to get this done and over and get on the road to loosing the weight.  If I am not in the room on Thanksgiving I Just want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.  Polly

Well it is now December 4th.  I have my pre op testing December 8th at 8:00 in the morning.  I have been working on things to keep my mind from being scared.  Which really I'm not scared.  I have made a baby gift basket for the bariatric coordinator here in Indiana and I have made a christmas gift basket for my sister for christmas.  I also made some kids a stocking stuffer gift basket.  Instead of the basket being a stocking it is an actual basket filled with their goodies.  It was a great idea and something new.  I really enjoy doing this.  Well I will up date more later.  Polly

Well this is now December 8th.  I went to my pre op testing which was not suppose to be until the 9th which I made a boo boo but since we had bad weather coming we went ahead and asked if they could do the testing today.  So I was able to get my testing done today.  They weighed me and I have lost 5lbs bringing me down to 374 from 379.  I started out at 409 and now down to 374.  Well I will up date later.  Polly

Well this is now December 24th and it is a little over a week since I have had the surgery.  Let me tell you of my experiance of this surgery.  Once I went in to be preped for surgery my friend Dave came in and so did the chaplan from the hospital to pray with me before then and my friend Dave laid his hands upon me and reasured me nothing would happen.  Well he was right.  I got into the OR and they did not waste any time putting me under.  In fact once I was under the Lord God told me that it is ok and will be ok.  He said to me that I am not going to bring you to do this surgery and not bring you out of it.  He also told me that he was not done with me yet.  He has more work for me to do.  One of them is to heal and loose the weight and get healthy.  but  Since the surgery I have lost 16lbs but altogether I have lost a total of 51lbs.  That brings me down to 358lbs.  This is real good.  I just dont see it yet.  Others can but I can't.  Well we will up date later.  Hope you all have a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.   Polly

Well this is December 25th and I was at the ER.  I have been running a fever but it is nothing to worry about at this point.  I just have a bad bladder infection.  They have given me another Rx.  So I will be on 2 different antibiotics.  I would like to thank Dave Ferrell for being there for me and for being there for me in the future.  What an angel.  Besides Dave Ferrell being there for me the Lord God Almighty was there for me as well.  Thank you Dave for being an angel and a shinning light.  I would also like to thank my wonderful husband Dean for being there morning noon and night.  He is always there and gets up in the night if I need him.  Thank you so much baby.  I could have never done it without you.  I also want to thank my Sister Roxanna.  Thank you sis you are a great big help.  This is for Dave keep on doing what you are doing.  This is what the Lord wants you to do.  Help others who need help with the gastric bypass surgery like you helped me.  This is your calling dear.  Will up date more.  Polly

Well This is now December 30th and I have lost another 5lbs since surgery making me have lost 21lbs since surgery and 56lbs altogether.  I am doing ok other than my vitamins are nasty.  Will up date more later.  Polly

I have always been a big girl starting at the age of 7.  I always was made to eat everything in my plate as a child.  As I got a little older and turned into a mom of 1 I sorta realized I did not feel loved.  I felt that my parents loved my brother and sister more.  My dad loves my sister more because she has followed in his foot steps.  My mother loves my brother more because he is the baby.  I felt as if I was not loved.  I kept feeling this inside and had hoped that someday this would change.  It never changed.  After about 6 months from having my youngest son I started to battle depression.  My family was sorta stuck in a problem that we knew was not wrong at the time.  My parents had taken in my cousins daughter which was at the time in another foster home.  Well my cousin did not want to be there she wanted to be living at the foster home she was in.  Well without knowing we spanked her with a paddle.  The welfare was suppose to put my mom and dad through classes on how to raise foster children and children with ADHD and they never did.  But anyway after all that happened I tried to end my life which I did not suceed.  Then I woke up one morning finding a live snake beside my tub and toilet not even thinking if it was real or not I bent down to pick it up.  I thought maybe it was my oldest sons toy and which it was not.  It was in fact real.  I just wanted to die but before I did that I called 911 to have them to remove the snake from my bathroom.  I was a single mom at the time of 2 boys.  I had one sleeping in the bed with me and if I did not sleep with both bathroom doors closed one of us could be dead and my baby slept in his own room with his doors closed.  The snake came in through the septic system from someone elses apartment that had lived not too far from my apartment.  After seeing that I tried to take my life again.  This time I almost suceeded.  But while in that hospital and getting therapy for it I started to realize that I have a new nephew on the way and a I have these 2 special little boys in my life that I really and truely love me and needed me that I started to turn around.  I knew at that point that the boys was the only ones that loved me.  I did not really care if anyone else loved me or not.  I started coming around and coming out of it after finding out that I needed to be at peace with myself and tell my parents of the molestation that happened to me from the time I was 5 until I was in 3rd grade of school.  So I told my parents about that but they never really believed me so basically I wasted my time on telling them.  But I myself knew it was true.  As a wife with my youngest son I was abused.  Before I even given birth to my oldest son my husband had beat me in the stomach because he did not want the baby.  He found that it did not work so he would pick up furniture and throw it at me and that did not work because he missed me everytime.  I gained like 50lbs with my oldest son.  That made me to be about 300lbs after having my oldest son.  Finally I left him.  Then I moved in with my parents and I kind of closed myself and my baby in my bedroom because my father hit me.  Soon after that I got my SSI and so my son and I moved out and into an apartment.  I was dating my youngest sons father.  Then after I got pregnant and quit work my boyfriend asked me where the money was going to come from and I told him from my SSI. Soon after that it was just me and my oldest son again.  Then 6 months after I had my youngest son I then battled the depression not once but twice.  Then after moving back into my parents house because I could not take care of myself and my children I started to come out of the depression after doing the ECT treatments over and over and over again.  Then after about a year my adopted brother looks at my kids and myself and says I dont want you living here any more.  So my kids and I started looking for a place to live.  I got back on the section 8 housing and got me an apartment.  Then I started talking to this guy on the internet and soon enough he moved in.  Me not knowing how he was with children.  My youngest son regresed and did not like him.  He had always called my youngest son retard and pissy boy.  He molested my youngest son and I did not even know it.  Because of all this I kept calling the welfare trying to get help to get rid of him.  I tried to get the cops to do something about it and they would not.  So I got tired of all that he was doing to my boys and put my oldest son in a hospital to keep him safe.  That is when I had a dream that the welfare was going to come and take my boys from me.  Which when they came to my apartment I had almost had my boyfriend through the wall of my kitchen because I had gotten tired of him calling my youngest son retard.  So I had 30minutes to get to court so they could take my boys from me.  After I lost my boys I started going to school after I started school everything started to get a little over whelming.  It got to be too much for me going to school and going to court for the boys that I turned to pot and drinking very heavy.  Between both it took care of the pain that I was feeling and after a while the buzz would be gone so I gave it up after that and turned to sex and drinking.  Nothing would take care of the pain of loosing my boys.  Then I started doing some research on the gastric bypass surgery after my rights was taken away from me.  So after several years I decided that I was going to do it.  Here I am I have gone through the surgery after backing out in April and have had it done.  Thanks to the Lord above helping my friend get me through it.  Now I am 59lbs lighter than I was 3 yrs ago.  I started out at 409lbs.  Now down to 350lbs.  Thank you Jesus.  This is the best thing that I have ever done.  Well this is my story.

This is now January 17th and I just got out of the hospital.  I believe I ended up having the stomach flu.  I am home and feeling much better than what I was feeling a few days ago.  I am now down to 337lbs.  Yeah Me!!!!

I am now down to 322lbs.  So I am loosing the weight just not as fast as I would like to.  I have been sick for the last couple of weeks.  So I am just now starting to get back on track.  I do feel better than I have in a long time.  I was able to get in 1 mile on the tread mill today which is Feburary the 23rd 2006.

Thus far the weight loss goes like this.

September I started out at 409lbs.
November 379lbs -30lbs
December 374lbs -5lbs
December 358lbs -16lbs
December 353lbs -5lbs
January 344lbs -9lbs
January 337lbs -7lbs
Febuary 323lbs -14lbs
Febuary 322lbs -1lbs
March 317lbs -5lbs
March 310lbs -7lbs
April  305lbs-5lbs
April  297lbs-8lbs
May  294lbs-3lbs
May 292lbs-2lbs
May 291lbs-1lbs
May 288lbs-3lbs
May 282lbs-6lbs
June 278lbs-4lbs
June 273lbs-5lbs
June 272lbs-1lb
June 266lbs-6lbs
June 264lbs-2lbs
July 262lbs-2lbs
July 261lbs-1lb
July 254lbs-7lbs
July 250lbs-4lbs
Aug 247lbs-3lbs
Aug 245lbs-2lbs
Aug 242lbs-3lbs
Aug 240lbs-2lbs
Aug 238lbs-2lbs
Aug 235lbs-3lbs
Sept 232lbs-3lbs
Sept 230lbs-2lbs
Oct 228lbs-2lbs
Oct 225lbs-3lbs
Oct 222lbs-3lbs
Nov 219lbs-3lbs
Nov 218lbs-1lb
Nov 210lbs-8lbs
Nov 206lbs-4lbs
Dec 203lbs-2lbs
Dec 201lbs-2lbs
Dec 200lbs-1lb
Dec 197lbs-3lbs
Jan 192lbs-5lbs
Jan 187lbs-5lbs
Feb 185lbs-2lbs
Feb 182lbs-3lbs
Feb 180lbs-2lbs
March 178lbs-2lbs
March 175lbs-3lbs
April 173lbs-2lbs
April 168lbs-5lbs
May 165lbs-3lbs
May 163lbs-2lbs
May 161lbs-2lbs
June 159lbs-2lbs
June 156lbs-3lbs
June 154lbs-2lbs
July 152lbs-2lbs
September 150lbs-2lbs
September 147lbs-3lbs
September 145lbs-2lbs
September 143lbs-2lbs
September 141lbs-2lbs
October    139lbs-2lbs
October    137lbs-2lbs
October    131lbs-6lbs
Total weight loss today is 279lbs and since the surgery is 240lbs



Well this is Feb 26th 2006 and it is also Sunday.  I tried to drive again after not being able to drive for a year.  I was able to fit behind the wheel of the car.  Did not have to lay the seat back to fit either.  I just had to tilt the wheel up but that is all.  God is good isn't he.  

Well this is now March 7th and I just went in to weigh in considering my doctors appointment with the surgeon is not until Monday.  I found that I have lost 5lbs in about a week.  The scales are moving again.    God is so good and works in mysterious ways.  Thank you Jesus for this wonderful tool you have given me.  Thank you so much.

Well this is March 23rd and right now I have some thoughts running through my head.  I am to go in for a sleep study test May 9th and not really sure if I really want to know the results.  I am scared if I have the sleep apnea am I going to freak out when I have to put the CPAP mask on.  I am like what you want to call closterphobic.  I just don't know if I want to know the results after the test is done.  I am really scared to know this information.  I guess I can't think about that now.  I need to have my head in order so I can keep loosing weight.  Until next time bye bye and God Bless  Polly

Well this is now March 24th 2006 and I must say how thankful I am that I am alive.  If it was not for me having this surgery I would have never been able to be given another chance.  I have to thank God that I am alive.  I thank him for bringing me through this surgery.  I know if I count back on the last few years at what I could not do I know if I tried some of it I could do it now.  I know a few years ago I could not walk a mile, I could not run after my children.  In the last year I could not even drive a car due to not being able to fit behind the wheel and now I can fit and now I can walk a mile and not have to worry about being winded.  I can get myself dressed by myself and I can put my own shoes on and tie them and I can wipe my ownself.  I am so thankful that I can now do all of this.  There are some days that I wished that I was not so moody.  But in due time I think I will come out of it.  It just is going to take some time for me to get to know myself and what this surgery can do.  God is good all the time.  God is good all the time.  Sometimes we all need to praise his holy name for what we can do now now that we have had the surgery and some of us need to praise God for the things we can do now before the surgery if for those of you have not had the surgery yet.  We just need to remember to keep our heads up and go on with the weight loss and be thankful we have been able to get this tool and be able to use it. 

This is now April.  I have weighed in and lost 5lbs.  I will take the 5lbs.  Just wish it would come off faster.  But I will take it.  I am so greatful for this surgery.  I feel 100% better than I did a year ago.  Well I will update later.  Take care all and God Bless.

This is now April 19th and I have to report I have met my first goal weight of being 300lbs.  I am actually below the 300lb mark putting me at 297lbs.  I have to praise his holy name in getting me to this point.  He got me through the surgery and he is leading me all the way to my next goal weight of 250lbs.  I praise him for all of the small miracles that he has made in my life since I had my surgery in December.  Thank you Jesus.

Well This is May 3rd 2006 and I have had the wonderful oppertunity to witness this surgery in a different perspective today.  A friend of mine has now joined all of us on the loosing side and is doing very well to be a few hours out.  I sat and waited with her family as they waited for the news if their friend and family member made it through the surgery.  She in fact made it through the surgery.  Thank you Jesus for this miracle that I got to witness.  I now see what David Ferrell was talking about.  It does not make me at all depressed any more.  As I watched her and helped her with a few things while I was there I could recall my time that I was in the hospital being new to the loosing side.  This is not an easy descision.  It takes courage and strength and the help of the Lord to make this surgery happen.  Without the Lord guiding the surgeons hand none of us would be here today.  Thank you Jesus thank you Father.  Will update more.  Polly

Well This is May 22 and I am down to 288lbs.  It has been a while indeed that I have seen the numbers in 200's.  I have got clothes that are falling off of me.  I have went from a size 5x shirt to a wopping size 22-24 shirt and a size 38 pants to a size 26-28 pants.  I can sure feel the differance but as far as seeing the differance it is hard to do at this point.  Well I must say I am very happy with the results of this surgery thus far.  I just wish I would have done this back in April 2005 when I was going to have it done.  Well I will update another time.  Polly

This is now June 13th and I had my 6 month post op appointment.  I have lost 101lbs since having my surgery December 14th.  I am right on target for my weight loss.  I feel AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Update more later.  Polly

Well This is now June 25th 2006 and I took my boys back home.  I lost like 10lbs in about 3wks.  I think that is awesome.  Although I am missing my boys very much but believe I will be able to see them again.  It was great being a mom again.  I sure have missed it.  If anyone ever questions if God answers prayers.  The answer is yes indeed he does.  God really does answer prayers.  Just have to leave the matter in Gods hands not your own.

Well This is now June 28th 2006 and I have since I had my boys for about 3-4wks I have lost 15lbs since.  My oldest son is in baseball at school and when he has home games I go running after the balls that he hits and throws them back to him.  I have not been able to do that in such a long time.  I have been able to walk all over the Indianapolis zoo and walk the childrens museum and that is something I have not been able to do in a long time.  I have been able to run and get in the middle of my sons fights and break them up.  I feel great and 100% better than I did a year ago.  God certainly does answer prayers.  He has answered mine and is continuing to do so everyday.  Thank you Jesus thank you for allowing me and allowing the surgeon to do a wonderful job with the surgery and allowing me to have this tool to help me to live a better and healthier life.  Thank you Lord.

This is now July 11th and over the weekend I went into a store to get a new outfit and to have the pair of pants that I tried on fall off of me.  I started to cry because this has never happened to me before.  This tool is so amazing if it is used in the right way.  It can change lives of those who have this surgery done.  Those of us who has had the surgery should feel very blessed to have been able to have this surgery.  I know I do.  Now I wish I would have done this surgery long ago.  I guess I was too chicken to go through with it when I was suppose to until December 14th 2005.  Thanks to my Lord and Jesus Christ I am so happy to have been able to have the surgery.  He does work in misterious ways.

July 17 2006,  God is truly awesome.  I have not wore shorts in years because my belly did not look right in jeans or shorts and now look at me it is so amazing what this tool can do and to be able to see the results in pictures its awesome.  You know it is just breath taking.  Some people dont realize that once you have been big all your life and you start to have clothes fall off of you when you try them on it just brings tears in your eyes.  Its great.  Just ask any one who has lost alot of weight and who has had the surgery it is so wonderful to have a life outside the house with the walls and the windows.  I thank him everyday for giving me this new life.

July 24 2006,  Well I am 4lbs away from my next goal which is 250lbs.  I am at 254lbs.  Go me.  I am so proud of myself.  Without this tool I would not have gotten down this far and I hope I keep loosing.  Well until next time. 

August 9 2006  I just got home from having my gallbladder removed and in a lot of pain but I am down to 242lbs.  This surgery was also laproscopic.

August 20 2006,  Well I walked Kings Island yesterday which was Saturday August 19th.  I had fun but I wished I could have rode more rides if it wasnt for me having to have my gallbladder out I could have.  I walked with no problems.  I almost achieved this goal.  When I am able to ride a roller coaster that is when I will achieve this goal.

November 2 2006,  I can not believe that a year is almost here that I have had my surgery.  Another month and I will be out of gastric bypass surgery a year.  I can not believe the weight loss.  I don't think I could have ever lost as much as I did.  I am just in awe of the out come of the surgery and being able to do the diet.  Since I see the accomplishments that I have done and the goals that I have set I just dont have the words to discribe the feelings that I feel when I have over come those goals and exceed my every expectations.  I see many people that has had the surgery and they all have said that I have done great with the surgery.  My sister she does not have to worry about having this type of surgery she is thin already but she says that I have done a wonderful job at the weight loss.  I thank God for allowing me to have the courage to go through with the surgery.  I am very very happy with the weight loss and I hope that there will be more of the weight that will come off.  Thank you Jesus.  I would have this surgery done a million more times. 


December 7 2006:  I am going to start this next year a little early and just let you all know that those of you who are comptemplating getting the surgery please do get the weight loss surgery and those of you who want to try and support the one who is going to be getting the surgery or are scared for the person getting the surgery please don't be scared.  The weight loss out weighs the complications.  If you would ask me now if I would do this surgery again yes in a heart beat.  I have never dreamed of ever being at my high school weight in a year.  But I have made it there.  I am happy and I feel like a new person.  If you asked me is there anything I would do differently.  Yeah I would have the surgery done sooner than I did.  I have alot to be thankful for.  I now have a life again.  I dont have to worry about having someone to take care of me.  I can do things with my boys and feel great about it.  I have more comfadance in myself.  There are still plenty more joys there for me to do.  I still have to get that goal of riding on a roller coaster and riding on a plane and not have to ask for a seat belt extender.  But all of the goals that I have had set for me I suceeded them all by far.  I set goals up for my weight loss.  First it was to get to 350lbs and then 300lbs and then 250lbs and each of these goals I made it under that goal and now I am working on getting under 200lbs.    Please if you or anyone needs or has any questions about the WLS please ask any of us that chat to each other on the obesity help chat line.   This tool is an awesome tool if you use it right.  Thank you Jesus for a wonderful and exciting year and hope to have another wonderful and exciting year for next year.  Wonderful things come to those who wait.  Life is great we just have to make time to make it great and make life work. 

Wow this is already a New Year!!!!  How time flies when you are losing weight.  What a wonderful year that I have had.  I never really thought that I would still be here a year after my WLS but amazing things can happen.  I have lost since the surgery 177lbs this is so amazing.  My total weight loss is over 200lbs.  Since my 1 year re-birth I have signed up for school at IBC and well ask me at the end of the quarter if I am passing.  Right now I am just not sure.  Well until the next time go out there and make life a good one.  Polly

Well this is Jan 4 2007 and this is the last day for school until Monday. Yahoo!!!!!!!!!!   Thank goodness for weekends.  Just not sure if I am going to be able to get used to the early morning hours driving to and from school.  Just not sure.  I will try and make the best of it.  I don't have anymore weight loss to tell about.  I think I am at a stall.  Then again I might be loosing inches.  I am now back into a size 18 which was where I was back in high school.  Who would have known that I would be that size again.  I should did not think I would be at that size again.  Not in my wildest dreams.  But I am so glad that I did have the surgery I feel better and healthier well than I did a year ago.  Well I guess that is enough of me going on and on and on so I will close for now.  Go out and have a good one.  Polly

Well guys this is now January 16 2007 and I am still loosing.  I am actually smaller now than in high school.  I remember all through out high school I weighed in at 200lbs and well now I must say I am now at 192lbs.  This tool has been wonderful.  I have had my ups and downs though since December which was my 1 year anniversary.  It started out as me eating a few cookies.  Normally I would sit there and eat them all.  But I ate 2 one time and 3 another time but in the same day and then I gave them away.  I don't really want to get in the habbit of eating the wrong things again or eating in the wrong way or eating because I am board or because I am upset.  I am now having to try and learn to deal with these issues and learn to be more profecent with when and what I am eating.  It does get harder after you hit your 1 year.  I do want to eat a little more.  I have felt it.  But I have been told it is normal for someone that is 1 year out like myself.  Well I just wanted to up date on my weight loss.  Polly

Feb 17 2007,  I just done something that was so AWESOME and something I have not been able to do with my boys.  I just got back from going sledding with my boys.  It was totally awesome.  It is just amazing.  I went down and went sledding and I was able to get back up off the ground with out help and was able to get back up the hill without help.  It was great.  I am so glad I had this awesome surgery.  I can now get out and enjoy life much better than I could as an obese person. It is so great so AWESOME.  Polly

Goals accomplished:

Able to drive without raising the wheel and moving seat back (Feb 2006)
able to walk 3 miles for the walk from obesity (September 2006)
Made it to my weight loss goal of 200lbs and under that (December 2006)
Able to go sledding with my boys (Feb 2007)
Able to fit in a booth in a restuarant (June 2006)
Able to walk the mall (November 2006)
Able to fit in a turn style at an amusement park (August 2006)
Able to fit on a few rides ( August 2006)
Able to walk without aid (Feb 2006)
Able to take care of myself without help (Feb 2006)
Able to wear a smaller size pants since high school (Jan 2007)
Able to ride on all the roller coasters that Kings Island had up and running.  It was totally awesome. July 2007

Goals left to achieve:

Get on a plane without the use of a seat belt extender


Before surgery I was in a size 38 pants and a 5x shirt
and now I am in a size 8 shirt and a size 6 p pants.
Life is wonderful if you make it wonderful.

I can now go into Wal-Mart and pick almost anything off the rack and it fits. I am able to go into the non plus size clothes and have something fit where before the surgery I was not able to buy my clothes at Wal-Mart because they did not carry my size.  I don't have people looking at me because I am fat now. I have them looking at me because I am healthy and because I look better and feel better and because when they look at me they don't see someone fat.  Before my weight loss surgery I had people look at me if I touched them as if they was going to catch some sort of disease.  I had people snickering when I went into a restruant thinking wow best cover your food when she walks in because she might eat all the food in the restruant or thinking well how much food does she eat to be that big.  My point is we don't have to eat alot to be over weight.  We don't have to eat alot to weigh 409lbs or more or less.  Not all big people eat alot.  We are big because it is in our genes because we carry that fat gene from our parents and their parents.  But we don't have to go at the weight loss alone either and we don't have to fight the obese alone either.

May 2007  I am able to wear a size 12 jeans and a size 8/10 shirt.  I do not remember ever being able to wear a size 12 jeans and a shirt size of 8/10.  I am slowly working my way into size 10 and a size 8 jeans.  I am so happy.  Well until next time.  Polly

Well this is May.  I am able to wear a size 10 in pants.  I guess once I have my tummy tuck done I will be wearing the single didgits.  So tummy tuck here I come.  I hope to get medicaid to pay for it.  So keep your fingers and toes crossed and pray the good Lord that medicaid will pay for it.  Until the next time Polly

This is still May.  I went to the Indy 500 for the first time.  It was loud but it was awesome.  You get such a rush doing something you have never done.  I never went to the race because I was so heavy and I did not want people to look at me and make fun.  But this year was different.  I just want to explore the world that I have never seen in such a long time.  It's great, I think I might have to go to the race again next year if I have the money to do so.  Well until next time have a great one.  Polly

This is now June 2007 and I had an appointment with my surgeon to get a tummy tuck.  She will be sending a letter to my insurance company next Monday which will be June 25th 2007.  I hope to hear some good news from my insurance company in 4-6 weeks.  I hope to open the letter and it say that I have been approved for a tummy tuck.  Wish me luck all.  Until the next time have a great day.  Polly

July 2007  Well alot has happened since I last updated my information I recently went to Holiday World July 7th 2007 and I made it to another goal and that was to ride a roller coaster.  It was totally awesome.  I had a blast.  I am so happy that I was able to fit on a roller coaster and that I was able to ride alot of rides and pretty much enjoy myself.  I will try and get a couple of  pictures up with me riding on a roller coaster.  

This is August 14th the kids are back in school.  I just wanted to update alittle bit.  We we kings island over the week end.  Boy was it awesome.  I road all the rollar coaster rides.  I road the vipor and the new ride firehawk and the racer and the Son of Beaste and the Beast and maybe a couple more roller coaster rides. we all had an awsome and wonderful time there.  Until next time 

 August 30 2007,  You know the song that Terri Clark sings "I wanna do it all".  That song is true for me.  I wanna do it all because when I was over 400lbs I could not do it all.  Now I can do anything I want with more confadence than anything.  I am getting prepaired to go on vacation to see my friend in Louisianna.  I am excited.  So excited I can't breathe right.  Ok ladies pinch me to see if it is really going to happen.  I really want to be happy with this guy. I will update again soon.  Love ya all. 

September,  Life we once knew when we was heavy is not what life is now.  Life now is full of enrichment and encouragment to others around us.  We that have had the WLS know first hand what it is like to go through it and what it is like after having it.  We are real role models.  This to me makes me feel good knowing that I am a role model for someone that has not had the surgery.  If any of you that has not had the surgery and are comptimplating on having it done please do have it done.  The complications out weighs the good stuff that is going to happen to you after the WLS.  You are going to find the new you that was trapped inside that other body that could not get out and do things that you wished that you wanted to do but could not because of your weight.  Now that the weight is going to be coming off get out there people and enjoy the world and live life like you have never lived it to the fullest.  Because before we was sitting behind 4 walls afraid to go outside because of what people would say about us. Now we are looking good and thin lets all get out there and take a look at a world that is suppose to be beautiful but is full of hate.   Until the next time.  Polly

September,  Just last weekend I went with my sister and her boys to a renissains festival and my sister gave me her costume that she wore last year and it fit but I think by time I have my tummy tuck done I think it will be too big on me.  I do not ever remember weighing in at 149lbs.  What a great tool we have been given to us if we just use it..  Polly

Can you all believe that it is already Halloween coming up.  And I can not hardly think about the size pants I can wear now.  A size 6 petite.  I have got to get me at least one more pair of those.  Well until the next time make your day last forever and be fun with joy.  

October 2008, A lot has happened since 2005.  The surgery has not been what I expected it to be.  I thought it would be peaches and cream let me tell you its not.  When they say get your protien in get it in you will do your body more harm if you don't get it in.  Your body can fill up with fuild if you don't get in enough protien and you loose too much weight.  Some people after the surgery can also get water around the heart.  I just got out of the hospital for all this besides when you loose your gallbladder you can get stones in your bile duct.  Your liver enzimes will rise and with all this going on at once it hurts like it didn't hurt when you had the weight loss surgery.  I am happy and honored that people admire me for all the weight loss that I have had and I thank you all.   I want to be an inspiration to you all but don't do the surgery because of what you see or hear do it because you feel that it is right for you not for someone else.  Polly

 Don't pay attention to my weight tracker I messed it all up.  I just wanted ya all to know that I did not gain the weight back.  In fact I am still loosing.  I just messed up the weight tracker.


This is December 14th and I am 3 years post op and I must say it has been a roller coaster ride with me being in and out of the hospital with fuild building up in my lungs and then my blood pressure dropping and being anemia and may have to have IV iron put in they are not sure where I am loosing blood at.  Just last week I was in the hospital because I was blacking out and finding out my blood pressure had dropped.  Right now I am doing fine for now.  I am happy with the way the wls went and would do it again in a heart beat.  I would like to take this time to wish you and yours a very merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year.


Well this is January 19th and I found out yesterday that I have been a real inspiration to a couple of ladies that just started the support group meetings.  One of which has already had her weight loss surgery.  I am glad that I can inspire people to have the weight loss surgery.  I am always pleased to help any one out if there is a question about my journy through the weight loss surgery.  To all those who I inspire thank you so much.




    Before WLS                                 17 months post op

         409lbs                                     165lbs   -209lbs



317lbs 3/29/06                     165lbs May 2007 17 months post op

  Before WLS                 After WLS                     After WLS

      409lbs                        261lbs                          230lbs











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