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Hello all

I have had a roller coaster day but not bad I guess. Not looking forward to work this week but whatever!

QOTD: other than your own home city, what’s your favourite city in the world? (Can be via visiting, fantas

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There was no Saturday thread so I thought I would start Sunday!

QOTD: Where did you have your greatest holiday?

Mine is a toss up between my first European holiday when I was 19 or a trip just pre covid to

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Hey all, I wish the search function worked as I'm sure this has been discussed!

I currently cut my Nexium in half although I could probably have no issues with it but I'm a safety first kinda lad haha but I bought a Stomach enzyme tablet from o

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Did anyone else experience this, nearly 5 weeks out from surgery and been a pretty good drinker but today i can feel it going down and it's just not enjorable. I feel a bit off (lack of sleep), but it's not making me sick, so I am forcing it down when

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Just found this. What a wonderful story, I needed this today. Thanks...

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Hey all! I’m about to move to soft food and beyond and I’m interested to get some experiences on the ‘food getting stuck’ thing.

I will do my very best to avoid it but my questions are;

a) did you find most of the time It found

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I'm still in puree stage so this is a while away but I was keen to learn how your eating evolved over time?

How small were the bites you were taking at 6 weeks say v 6 months and so on? do they change? or does it depend on what you are eating?<

aussieboyWLjourney wrote Happier everyday 1 month ago

I thought it important to update my blog after my first post being negative. I'm just over three weeks now and whilst I have some emotional moments, these are few and far between now as I get on wi...

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Thanks so much :)

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Hello all, I have been lurking and despite having a flawless medical experience since my RNY a few weeks ago, I am so down in the dumps all the time! Reading your stories and how positive you all are has put a smile on my face and I thought I should jo

aussieboyWLjourney wrote Scared and regret 1 month, 1 week ago

I write this 2 weeks and 2 days after my surgery. Everything has gone really well to be honest. However, I have deep emotions I have never experienced before, I cry  A LOT, I regret doing it and fe...

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