I'm 280 lbs and I have been over 200 lbs for 10 years (I'm 41).
BUT, if I follow the rules I should be at 180 by Summer, YaY!

My surgery date is October 7th, 2010.

I never had any hesitation or anxieties about this decision until 4:30 am last night...!
I woke up and this all really started to sink in: "This is pretty major surgery, major lifestyle change...Can I do it?"  I know I can, but it is still a little frightening to go from eating what you want, when you want, to letting your body (stomach) do the decision making.  Plus, this is major surgery and that is naturally a little frightening for those of us who have never had surgery before.

I love the outdoors and being in/on/around the water just as much as possible.
I go camping almost once a month, and to the lake or river almost every weekend.
I love animals and have 3 rescue dogs.  I love movies, SyFy and live music (no shortage of that in Austin!).

Wish me luck ~ The best of luck to YOU ~ and add me if you'd like to stay in touch through this scary, but exciting new venture of ours :-)