Hoping to hit 100 lbs lost by my bday, May 5th.

Apr 24, 2011

I was about 282 just before surgery and 274 the day of my surgery.
That means I have 11 lbs to go to have lost 100.
Uh oh, and that means just a week and a half to lose 11 lbs by my bday!
I've been such a slacker the past few months, losing only 15 lbs this year.
Yesterday, I actually ate a whole bag of cotton candy.  Why?!?!
Unfortunately, because I could.  This surgery causes many people to be unable to eat sugar w/o getting sick (dumping syndrome) and that's how it was for me in the beginning, but I tested my limits and found out I could eat things with sugar in them with no problem.  Shame on me!

So, time to kick it back into gear and get the rest of this weight off. 
Break is over, Missy! ;-)

I don't even care what I look like in a bathing suit anymore! 
No more being self-conscious, etc. 
I love me for me, now and am just happy to be thinnER and healthier!


Enough of this stall, already!

Feb 28, 2011

I've only lost 14 lbs in 2 months!  What the heck?
Gotta boost the protein and exercise, I guess!

Pedernales Falls State Park

I'm Thrilled!

Dec 30, 2010

My confidence is sky high! 
Sure I'm only halfway there, but WoW, the new me is fantastic! 
I even like looking at my self in the mirror sans clothing again! ;-)

I am 210 now (from 282 in October) and I feel fantastic! 
Ready to join a gym and definitely ready to go biking again.

I just can't believe that I can fit into "skinny" jeans now and even just a large shirt!

I'm healthier, happier and just so thrilled that I finally got this surgery.

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Stalled for 3 weeks ~ Slowly losing again. LOVING THE NEW ME!

Dec 04, 2010

I haven't posted in a while because I was depressed about my weight loss stall.
I'm starting to lose again, yea!
60 lbs in 2 months is pretty dang fantastic, so I'm thrilled.
* I fit in my chair at work w/o my sides touching the arm rests
* I fit in my SUV so much better
*  Showering is so much easier :-) 
* Walking doesn't hurt my back like it use to
* I don't snore (most all of my neck fat is gone!)
* I can feel the bones again in my shoulders, arms, legs
>>> In fact, you will find that many who lose weight so fast notice that it hurts your butt bone to sit on something hard, or for long periods.  Our bones are use to being so padded!  Now, all of a sudden, they are exposed and haven't built up a tolerance.

Anyway, all VERY cool things and they just get better and better.

Down side?  It is very emotionally challenging.  I cried because I couldn't eat things I use to love (sugary cereal, candy bar, soda - you CAN still have diet soda in moderation, actually.).  I found a great low sugar orange juice that is easily tolerated: Tropicanica Trop50.  I crave OJ!  And there are tons of great sugar-free pancake syrups and so many other syrups to add to protein drinks, coffees, etc.

I am rarely hungry, but I do still crave foods from time to time.
Luckily, a bite or two is so satifying and I don't need to gorge myself anymore.

Hmmm....Anything else?
Well, to anyone having this surgery, I recommend taking off as long as you can from work.  I took off 3 weeks and that was NOT enough.  If you do go back in 3-4 weeks, try part-time first for a few weeks to a month.  DO NOT RUSH YOURSELF!  I did and my body sternly told me I needed more rest.  This is quite an adjustment physically and mentally.  Be easy on yourself and just know that "this too shall pass", when it gets rough.  We all go through very rough times the first month or so and even question getting the surgery.  It will pass and life will be even better than you remembered it to be before surgery or even before you became (in my case) morbidly obese.

Life IS Good!

My love, prayers, encouraging thoughts and w
ishes for the best are going out to you all.



Can It Be? Almost 50 lbs Down!

Nov 10, 2010

I'm just in disbelief.
I haven't been this weight in 10 years!
Yeah, 235 is still pretty dang big, but 282 just 5 weeks ago was morbidly obese. 
I stood on the scale this morning and just blinked and grinned.

This is definitely been tough to get use to especially mentally.
I've cried, I've been angry, I've wondered why I did this (only briefly).
It is just hard to get use to having to make sure everything is sugar-free (or I will get very sick).  Many things are permanently off my list, until I find alternatives.  If you have ever done serious dieting before, this won't be as difficult for you, I'm guessing.  I've never denied myself anything food wise.

Physically this is a bit of a challenge as well, because of recovery, getting enough protein and vitamins in to keep from feeling weak AND especially going through the food gauntlet to determine what your new little pouch will allow you to eat and what it won't have any part of. 

You don't feel hunger!  It is all in your head for the first 3-4 weeks, but I have to remind myself to eat and drink.  You really don't feel hunger.  Sometimes cravings, but it takes so little to fill you up that it is okay to have that slice of pizza or those buffalo wings or that lasagna :-)

I am so happy now.  I feel like I am becoming myself again.
Shedding this shell that had me depressed, unhealthy and insecure.

I am being revamped!!!

The Battle of Wills (stomach vs. head)

Oct 30, 2010

I did finally go back to work on Friday and made it through the day!
It was rough, but only because I wasn't keeping as hydrated and active as I should have been.

So, at post-op week 3, I should be on pureed foods, but I'm a bit of a rebel and took a chance eating some brisket last week (at 2 weeks out), then some popcorn (not swallowing the tough parts) and now I am eating fish, roast, even some lettuce in my turkey wraps (lettuce is suppose to be more difficult to digest).

I've also discovered some wonderful sugarfree treats at Amy's Ice Cream and all of this together makes me feel much better.  This is a battle of wills!  My head against my new stomach (pouch).

I've never watched any of the food channels much, but ever since getting to my recovery room after surgery, I can't get enough!  It is as if I have become obsessed with food like never before.  Very odd.  The hospital staff found it very strange as well.  I'm learning a lot, though! 

So, how are things different since surgery?
I don't snore anymore, I can bathe w/o being a contortionist, I can scratch my own back again, I have less back pain already...
Foodwise: I have to stay away from sugar, make protein my best friend, take vitamins and accept that I get full after about 1/2 cup of food (will increase with time).

I think I can deal with those things!

If you are even considering it, don't let it scare you.
It is the most permanent weight loss tool available right now and the health benefits speak for themselves.
Cures diabetes, metabolic disease, sleep apnea...

There are rough times while getting use to this change, but my gosh, it is all ready so worth it.

You all have been wonderful supporting me through this scary, but exciting time!

"Please sir, may I have some more?" (IV fluids, that is)

Oct 25, 2010

That's from Oliver Twist :)
I finally got approval from my surgeon to go in for IV fluids this past Thursday and my body soaked up every bit of the 2 liters they put in me.  I could have taken 2 more.  Even after all of those fluids, I didn't have to use the bathroom until later that evening.  That is how much I needed them.  Well, I definitely still need more and am waiting for approval again.  They don't want me to rely on IV fluids, which is understandable, but hydrate me well initially so it won't be so difficult for me to continue on my own.

This is the only complication I'm having.
I didn't get hydrated well in the hospital and then a week later, I noticed that though I was drinking a lot, it wasn't enough and the dehydration hit me.  It makes me so tired which means I'm sleeping, not drinking.  The longer I go w/o fluids, the harder it is to catch up when I'm awake.  It just spiraled down so quickly.

Make sure someone or everyone in your household sees that you are drinking something almost constantly.  It helps you heal, it helps your stomach get ready for the next level of "food", and it will keep you from experiencing the awful and crazy effects of dehydration.

I'm frustrated with them for a couple of other reasons as well, but this is the main reason and one I wish they'd take seriously.  I want to get out of this fog and funk so I will feel better and can return to work.  I need their help.  I am to call them back at 8 am tomorrow to see what they've decided about getting more fluids in me, to see if they will ever send my records to Prudential so I can get disability pay while off work and to see if they will give me a note to give to my boss about my condition and new return to work date.

Otherwise, I really am doing well.
This is just a crazy change to the body and tough to get use to.
Everyone who's been through it says it does get much better after the initial 3-4 weeks.

Please continue those prayers and good thoughts!
They mean so very much to me as do you all.


Well, I Got That Out of the Way! ("DUMPING")

Oct 16, 2010

DUMPING (it ain't perty, folks): refers to the sudden rise and then drop of blood sugar levels.
This in turn causes symptoms such as diarrhea, bloating, nausea, dizziness, weakness, sweating, and rapid heartbeat.

I found some Fuze fruit drinks which had only 5 grams of sugar.
Well, I picked up a bunch of different flavors and must have missed double-checking the sugar grams on one.  It had 28 grams of sugar.

It seemed to have taken almost an hour for it to hit me, but boy did it.
I was drifting off to sleep last night and then BAAM, I got so nauseous (just like the flu), then sweaty, chilled, shaky and then it got "dirty".  I hadn't had a BM for a week, but made up for it (sorry so gross).

Oh man...And this was probably not half as bad as it could have been if I'd have had more of it to drink.  I only had a couple of swigs.

Oh well, I got that out of the way! LoL
I definitely have a very low tolerance for sugar now.


Whew...Weak, but doing well.

Oct 12, 2010

I was down to 274 Thursday morning (surgery day) and am now down to 257.
Definitely loosing a bit too fast, but I've not been able to get much into my system.

Been super weak and that makes it difficult to get up and get something to drink, but it takes drinking almost nonstop to keep hydrated enough.

Thank you to the people who thought enough to call, come by (and TRY to come by - sorry Pamela!) and/or sent cards, flowers.  No one likes an empty hospital room, that's for sure.

I am utterly exhausted now and will go lay down with something to drink.

But, do know that I am doing well and so happy for everyone's positive thoughts and prayers for me during this.




Home at last, home at last. Thank God Almighty, I'm home...

Oct 09, 2010

I've not felt up to sitting at the computer to post any updates, sorry.
Even the laptop in my lap is uncomfortable, so I need to make this short.

I AM home now! Got home by Noon on Saturday, so just over 2 days in the hospital.
It honestly did seem like the better part of a week, however.
It wasn't until Saturday morning when I actually felt alive again.
The major pain was gone and my insides seemed to be on their way to adjusting to their new transformation.

I'm not walking or drinking as much as I should, but certainly am trying.
I helped my mom a teensy bit last night while she was fixing a delicious dinner for Peter and herself.  She felt so awful for cooking something I couldn't eat, but it was just wonderful to have her here; so comforting and truly "priceless".
The smell was definitely torture for a while, but I am trying to train myself to simply appreciate the smell of delicious foods w/o feeling the need to gorge myself on them.

This is a bizarre feeling and will be quite a challenge to get use to and make second nature.

Side note: I just sneezed and my insides didn't come out of any of the 6 holes in me! 
I'll be honest, I've been stifling sneezes because of worries of hurting the stapling and stitches (and hurting me, in general!). 
But, I survived a sneeze ;-)  Hey, small victories is what this is all about!