Home at last, home at last. Thank God Almighty, I'm home...

Oct 09, 2010

I've not felt up to sitting at the computer to post any updates, sorry.
Even the laptop in my lap is uncomfortable, so I need to make this short.

I AM home now! Got home by Noon on Saturday, so just over 2 days in the hospital.
It honestly did seem like the better part of a week, however.
It wasn't until Saturday morning when I actually felt alive again.
The major pain was gone and my insides seemed to be on their way to adjusting to their new transformation.

I'm not walking or drinking as much as I should, but certainly am trying.
I helped my mom a teensy bit last night while she was fixing a delicious dinner for Peter and herself.  She felt so awful for cooking something I couldn't eat, but it was just wonderful to have her here; so comforting and truly "priceless".
The smell was definitely torture for a while, but I am trying to train myself to simply appreciate the smell of delicious foods w/o feeling the need to gorge myself on them.

This is a bizarre feeling and will be quite a challenge to get use to and make second nature.

Side note: I just sneezed and my insides didn't come out of any of the 6 holes in me! 
I'll be honest, I've been stifling sneezes because of worries of hurting the stapling and stitches (and hurting me, in general!). 
But, I survived a sneeze ;-)  Hey, small victories is what this is all about!