"Please sir, may I have some more?" (IV fluids, that is)

Oct 25, 2010

That's from Oliver Twist :)
I finally got approval from my surgeon to go in for IV fluids this past Thursday and my body soaked up every bit of the 2 liters they put in me.  I could have taken 2 more.  Even after all of those fluids, I didn't have to use the bathroom until later that evening.  That is how much I needed them.  Well, I definitely still need more and am waiting for approval again.  They don't want me to rely on IV fluids, which is understandable, but hydrate me well initially so it won't be so difficult for me to continue on my own.

This is the only complication I'm having.
I didn't get hydrated well in the hospital and then a week later, I noticed that though I was drinking a lot, it wasn't enough and the dehydration hit me.  It makes me so tired which means I'm sleeping, not drinking.  The longer I go w/o fluids, the harder it is to catch up when I'm awake.  It just spiraled down so quickly.

Make sure someone or everyone in your household sees that you are drinking something almost constantly.  It helps you heal, it helps your stomach get ready for the next level of "food", and it will keep you from experiencing the awful and crazy effects of dehydration.

I'm frustrated with them for a couple of other reasons as well, but this is the main reason and one I wish they'd take seriously.  I want to get out of this fog and funk so I will feel better and can return to work.  I need their help.  I am to call them back at 8 am tomorrow to see what they've decided about getting more fluids in me, to see if they will ever send my records to Prudential so I can get disability pay while off work and to see if they will give me a note to give to my boss about my condition and new return to work date.

Otherwise, I really am doing well.
This is just a crazy change to the body and tough to get use to.
Everyone who's been through it says it does get much better after the initial 3-4 weeks.

Please continue those prayers and good thoughts!
They mean so very much to me as do you all.