The Battle of Wills (stomach vs. head)

Oct 30, 2010

I did finally go back to work on Friday and made it through the day!
It was rough, but only because I wasn't keeping as hydrated and active as I should have been.

So, at post-op week 3, I should be on pureed foods, but I'm a bit of a rebel and took a chance eating some brisket last week (at 2 weeks out), then some popcorn (not swallowing the tough parts) and now I am eating fish, roast, even some lettuce in my turkey wraps (lettuce is suppose to be more difficult to digest).

I've also discovered some wonderful sugarfree treats at Amy's Ice Cream and all of this together makes me feel much better.  This is a battle of wills!  My head against my new stomach (pouch).

I've never watched any of the food channels much, but ever since getting to my recovery room after surgery, I can't get enough!  It is as if I have become obsessed with food like never before.  Very odd.  The hospital staff found it very strange as well.  I'm learning a lot, though! 

So, how are things different since surgery?
I don't snore anymore, I can bathe w/o being a contortionist, I can scratch my own back again, I have less back pain already...
Foodwise: I have to stay away from sugar, make protein my best friend, take vitamins and accept that I get full after about 1/2 cup of food (will increase with time).

I think I can deal with those things!

If you are even considering it, don't let it scare you.
It is the most permanent weight loss tool available right now and the health benefits speak for themselves.
Cures diabetes, metabolic disease, sleep apnea...

There are rough times while getting use to this change, but my gosh, it is all ready so worth it.

You all have been wonderful supporting me through this scary, but exciting time!