Can It Be? Almost 50 lbs Down!

Nov 10, 2010

I'm just in disbelief.
I haven't been this weight in 10 years!
Yeah, 235 is still pretty dang big, but 282 just 5 weeks ago was morbidly obese. 
I stood on the scale this morning and just blinked and grinned.

This is definitely been tough to get use to especially mentally.
I've cried, I've been angry, I've wondered why I did this (only briefly).
It is just hard to get use to having to make sure everything is sugar-free (or I will get very sick).  Many things are permanently off my list, until I find alternatives.  If you have ever done serious dieting before, this won't be as difficult for you, I'm guessing.  I've never denied myself anything food wise.

Physically this is a bit of a challenge as well, because of recovery, getting enough protein and vitamins in to keep from feeling weak AND especially going through the food gauntlet to determine what your new little pouch will allow you to eat and what it won't have any part of. 

You don't feel hunger!  It is all in your head for the first 3-4 weeks, but I have to remind myself to eat and drink.  You really don't feel hunger.  Sometimes cravings, but it takes so little to fill you up that it is okay to have that slice of pizza or those buffalo wings or that lasagna :-)

I am so happy now.  I feel like I am becoming myself again.
Shedding this shell that had me depressed, unhealthy and insecure.

I am being revamped!!!