Stalled for 3 weeks ~ Slowly losing again. LOVING THE NEW ME!

Dec 04, 2010

I haven't posted in a while because I was depressed about my weight loss stall.
I'm starting to lose again, yea!
60 lbs in 2 months is pretty dang fantastic, so I'm thrilled.
* I fit in my chair at work w/o my sides touching the arm rests
* I fit in my SUV so much better
*  Showering is so much easier :-) 
* Walking doesn't hurt my back like it use to
* I don't snore (most all of my neck fat is gone!)
* I can feel the bones again in my shoulders, arms, legs
>>> In fact, you will find that many who lose weight so fast notice that it hurts your butt bone to sit on something hard, or for long periods.  Our bones are use to being so padded!  Now, all of a sudden, they are exposed and haven't built up a tolerance.

Anyway, all VERY cool things and they just get better and better.

Down side?  It is very emotionally challenging.  I cried because I couldn't eat things I use to love (sugary cereal, candy bar, soda - you CAN still have diet soda in moderation, actually.).  I found a great low sugar orange juice that is easily tolerated: Tropicanica Trop50.  I crave OJ!  And there are tons of great sugar-free pancake syrups and so many other syrups to add to protein drinks, coffees, etc.

I am rarely hungry, but I do still crave foods from time to time.
Luckily, a bite or two is so satifying and I don't need to gorge myself anymore.

Hmmm....Anything else?
Well, to anyone having this surgery, I recommend taking off as long as you can from work.  I took off 3 weeks and that was NOT enough.  If you do go back in 3-4 weeks, try part-time first for a few weeks to a month.  DO NOT RUSH YOURSELF!  I did and my body sternly told me I needed more rest.  This is quite an adjustment physically and mentally.  Be easy on yourself and just know that "this too shall pass", when it gets rough.  We all go through very rough times the first month or so and even question getting the surgery.  It will pass and life will be even better than you remembered it to be before surgery or even before you became (in my case) morbidly obese.

Life IS Good!

My love, prayers, encouraging thoughts and w
ishes for the best are going out to you all.