Hoping to hit 100 lbs lost by my bday, May 5th.

Apr 24, 2011

I was about 282 just before surgery and 274 the day of my surgery.
That means I have 11 lbs to go to have lost 100.
Uh oh, and that means just a week and a half to lose 11 lbs by my bday!
I've been such a slacker the past few months, losing only 15 lbs this year.
Yesterday, I actually ate a whole bag of cotton candy.  Why?!?!
Unfortunately, because I could.  This surgery causes many people to be unable to eat sugar w/o getting sick (dumping syndrome) and that's how it was for me in the beginning, but I tested my limits and found out I could eat things with sugar in them with no problem.  Shame on me!

So, time to kick it back into gear and get the rest of this weight off. 
Break is over, Missy! ;-)

I don't even care what I look like in a bathing suit anymore! 
No more being self-conscious, etc. 
I love me for me, now and am just happy to be thinnER and healthier!