My Kingdom for a...Buffalo Wing!

Oct 05, 2010

I've never denied myself any food, ever.
That is making this dieting thing extra tough!
But a great leasson to learn, I know-I know.
I'm down to liquids today and tomorrow, then surgery on Thursday.
The only thing getting me through this is that I WILL be able to eat
pizza and chicken wings again (in about 2 months).
It will be worth it, but boy this is beyond difficult....

Maybe I can just sleep for 2 months until this is over.

Thanks Illinois Family! And thank you EVERYONE -

Oct 05, 2010

Getting emails and messages on my FaceBook page, etc. from family and friends MEANS THE WORLD TO ME.

I'm not nervous (yet?), just very excited. 
Excited that my mom is coming down to spend a little time with me, excited that I get 2 weeks off work, and excited that I am finally ready for this step to Slenderdom!

Thank you to my new friends here on OH who have been so informative and supportive, as well.  What a true blessing!

I'm over the fact that I need help to accomplish this goal and now I'm just focusing all of my engergy on attaining it.  That would be much more difficult without the love and encouragement of you all reading this right now.  I love you!


Monday, 10/4/2010: NOT GOOD...

Oct 04, 2010

Well, I wanted to spend this weekend getting ready for my mom's visit, as she is coming down on Wednesday to be with me for my surgery.

INSTEAD, I stayed in bed drinking hot liquids and feeling very poopy.
Feels like allergies to the 10th degree.
If my fever goes and stays down, I'll still be able to get my surgery.
But, right now, I can hardly keep my eyes open.

I haven't lost anymore weight on this high protein/low carb diet (odd), but I'm keeping it up nonetheless.

Dang, it was too gorgeous of a weekend to be couped up in the house!
Another gorgeous week ahead, though =)
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"Final Farewell to Food" Dinner (last night)

Oct 01, 2010

Well, not really "final", but for a good long while.

Oh and was it goooood!
Went to Trudy's (Mexican restaurant) and had the fajitas.
I also had some chips and 2 tortillas (bad, bad girl).

I was as good as I could be in such a yummy place!

But, I did wake up and saw that in less than one week
I had already lost 5 lbs.!
I celebrated with a protein shake,  like a good cowbelle.

WoW! I've lost 5 lbs this past WEEK!

Oct 01, 2010

This shocks me because I went to a party in Houston this past Saturday 
where I had Mexican food and drank beer or 3. 
But, the rest of the days since, I've been a good girl.
I'm having protein drinks for breakfast & lunch, keeping carbs as low as possible, and having a "sensible" dinner.

SO, why don't I just keep this up and NOT do something as drastic as surgery?
Because I CAN'T keep this up...That's the point, y'all.
Having a little bitty stomach will give me the help I need, though.

Guys, I'm so thrilled to be losing weight before my surgery!
My surgeon will be very happy as well; makes his job easier if my liver shrinks enough.
I've hardly tried to lose weight before the surgery because my insurance didn't require it.
But, I've always been a procrastinator, getting things done at the last minute possible.
I'm best under pressure.  Always been that-a-way, unfortunately.
I'm going to try to change several more things about myself while on this weight loss journey.
Some things have already been changed BECAUSE of this journey...This IS a very good thing


We Need a Logo! Any Creative Folks in Our Bunch?

Oct 01, 2010

Calling all creative folks...We need a logo!
This can also be something you design OFF the computer.
 So, if you see something or draw something (etc.), you can take a good photograph of it to submit via email.

I'm not really savvy enough to create something on the computer, so I'm going to see what else I can come up with while recovering after my surgery on the 7th.
Anyone who wants a go at it should give it a try, too!

Then, we can vote on our official logo maybe by the end of the month, when we are all almost back to normal ;-)

1 WEEK TO GO! I'll be in recovery, this time next week.

Sep 30, 2010

This last week before surgery I'm changing to just a liquid diet.
My old eating habits are officially kicked to the curb.
No messing around now.  

I'm finding that not eating what I want when I want is incredibly difficult.
In the past, if I had a craving, I satisfied it -period.
I've always catered to my tastebuds, and boy are they in full rebellion.
Learning self-control is going to be a doozie, but it's a necessary weapon.

So far I've resisted cheating on my strict pre-op diet. 
As a fellow RNYer here in Round Rock, TX said-
(RNY: slang for Roux-ey-Y, the bypass surgery I'm getting):
"Cheating to satisfy an immediate craving is never worth it. 
But the results in the end will make resisting more than worth it."
That clicked in me and enabled me to exercise self-control.
Speaking of exercise... Eh, one battle at a time.



Sep 23, 2010

Excited...but the reality is also hitting me.  NO MORE eating like I use to PERIOD.  And no more eating many of my faves for a long time, if not forever.

Today, I have started my 2 week pre-op diet which is to eat at least 70 grams of protein a day and under 30 grams of carbs (very difficult).  I hope that will do what it takes to get my liver small enough and tough enough for the surgeon to do his stuff. 

I have all ready scheduled my cheating...A friend is celebrating her 50th birthday party this Saturday with an open bar and appetizers.  SO, I will have one evening of rebellion very early on, then I will be beyond strict about my pre-op diet.

How are you other
October Girls doing?