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Jul 17, 2009

I am doing so very bad with my food :(  I don't count/write anything I eat down anymore ... I was so good with that too!  I only exercise about 1 time a week ... hopefully I can stick with my exercise routine come Monday ... I vow to go to the gym 5 days a week.  

Anyways ... My food saga ... I taste everything!  I don't want to say "eat" everything, because I have ONE of everything I want usually.  Like the Oreo's sitting on my counter, I HAD to have one, and I did ... ugh shoot me now!  I am so mad at myself when I do dumb shit like that.  It's not just that, when my family goes to Dairy Queen, I myself get a cone ... yes, it is just a baby cone, but WTF!?!?!  I know I should not be having that!  I am not a big NO carb person, but lately everything I have been craving is carby ... crackers with cheese, rice, pasta, bread ... you name it, I crave it.  No, I don't have a lot, maybe 1/2 a sandwich or 8 wheat thins with some cheese, but still, why can't I be one of those people who can say NO to the carbs.  UGH!

My weight has been 194.4 for the past week .. SEVEN freaking days & the scale has not moved!  If I was working out and really cracking down on what I was shoving in my mouth, I know I would be closer to my goal of 160 lbs ( I only have 34 freaking pounds left to shed!).  I know stalls happen, but the people who are in stalls are usually eating right & exercising ... this is just plain MY FAULT, not a stall!  

It is that time of the month for me, but I never stall out for this long when I am on my period, it is usually just for 2 days.  I need to get my head outta my ass and get on top of this before I sabatoge my WLS!

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