7.5 months post-op

Sep 09, 2009

I can officially say I am in my FIRST stall since surgery.  I have not lost a pound in 10 days & only 4 lbs in the last month.  It's hard to explain how I feel ... I would be happy if I stayed this weight for the rest of my life ... yet I want to lose 20 more pounds, but wouldn't be angry if I didn't.  I have done phenomenal with my tool ... I have lost 105 pounds in just 7 months & I feel so healthy & alive it makes me crazy   The past few weeks my diet and exercise has been ummm ... non-existant.  I go from being so very hungry one day to not wanting to eat at all the next.  I work out for one week & the next I do nothing but walk my kids to & from school.  I know this stall is my fault, I need to get my protein in & I know I am not getting even close to what I should be getting in   I do get all my vitamins in ... last month my labs came back that my Vit. D & Calcium was low, so I have to add another packet of UpcalD to the 3 I already take & a Vit. D supplement once a week.  My Iron has always been borderline & still is, so hopefully I can stay on top of the vitamins & not be deficient next month! 

My progress so far:
Month 1: -27.6 lbs (252.4 lbs.)
Month 2: -13.4 lbs (239 lbs.)
Month 3: -16.4 lbs (222.6 lbs.)
Month 4: -10.8 lbs (211.8 lbs.)
Month 5: -11 lbs    (200.8 lbs.)
Month 6: -9.2 lbs   (191.6 lbs.)
Month 7: -8.4 lbs   (183.2 lbs.)


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