8 months post-op...

Sep 23, 2009

...& I am in a size 10!!  I lost 5.4 lbs this month.  It is slowing down drastically, but it's okay, I look HOT :)  I went shopping today at Old Navy for my daughter & saw that the clearance racks were 50% off .... so, I took a look!  I got a size 10 (T-E-N) jeans & a 12 khakis .... I also bought 2 shirts (one size M & one size L).  I look & feel wonderful!

I have been tired lately, but that is because I am not getting enough calories in a day.  I need to work on eating 3 times a day, but it has been so hectic with the boys & ALLLL their sports & doing the housework & stuff.  Hopefully soon I can start logging my food again & take my ass to the gym!  I haven't been there in 2 weeks!!!

I am very pleased with my RNY ... some days when I eat too many carbs I get real sleepy & if I look at food or smell it I want to vomit & I tell myself just ONCE I want to eat without feeling so f*cking yucky.  But it passes in about 30 minutes to an hour & I am fine.  I just wish I wouldn't feel like that sometimes ... especially when I am on the go, because I never know what is going to make me feel that way.  But it is getting better :)

My progress so far:
JANUARY 2009:       280 lbs
Month 1: -27.6 lbs (252.4 lbs.)
Month 2: -13.4 lbs (  239 lbs. )
Month 3: -16.4 lbs (222.6 lbs.)
Month 4: -10.8 lbs (211.8 lbs.)
Month 5: -11 lbs    (200.8 lbs.)
Month 6: -9.2 lbs   (191.6 lbs.)
Month 7: -8.4 lbs   (183.2 lbs.)
Month 8: -7.8 lbs   (175.4 lbs.)

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