Heartburn? Ulcer? Who knows :(

Oct 12, 2009

For the last few weeks I have had a burning sensation in my pouch after I ate.  It has gotten worse & is not kicking my ass every time I eat.  It is not painful enough to double me over, but is enough to make me STOP eating.  So, I don't eat nearly enough calories a day as I should be eating.  I called my surgeon this morning & I have an appointment tomorrow morning & they called me in 2 scripts & told me to stop my iron supplement.  I was told I will probably have to have a scope done ... which I am scared to death because my friend just had the lapband done by my surgeon in July & she now has had it removed & is going to Pittsburgh Hospital to be seen by a different doctor because she still vomits (3 months later & no band there) & they found a suture at the bottom of her esophogus why the hell would there be a suture there?!?!  So I am sooo hoping that she had so many complications because of her BODY rejecting the band & it is not my surgeon.  I love my surgeon & he has always been so nice & great to me ... AND my RNY is wonderful & I never had a complication until now (almost 9 months out!).  So hopefully it isn't anything really bad & it goes away ... because this sucks! 


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