Happy New Year 2007!

Nov 13, 2006

Happy New Year to Everyone!
      I am so grateful that I am starting this New Year off 83 pounds lighter and still losing. What a fantastic journey I have been on! It has been difficult but so rewarding. I have worked hard to be where I am now and am proud of myself! The band is a wonderful tool that has helped me so much! I have done alot of work too...on myself and on what I need to do to live a healthy life. I love to go to the gym now ( who would have known???!) If I dont get to go I feel like I have missed something in my day.! The eliptical has become my best friend...i had never thought that would happen! I do think though that pretty soon I am going to turn into a Chicken...or maybe a Turkey meatball...LOL...they are my fav things to have besides a Chai from my fav place Starbucks...that is my splurge and I enjoy it more than I can say!
Physically I am doing so wonderful...running and keeping up with my oldest granddaughter who will be 2 next week...i have more energy than i have had in years...and i am so grateful...Life is great...I love the boards...thank you to all of you who share your stories and have helped me so much...many of you dont even know how much you have helped me...
Have a wonderful New Years with your band...

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Happy New Year 2007!