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May 25, 2018

Well, I had my 3 month follow up appointment last week. I am on track and doing pretty good. My energy has been really low. The Dr. said I need to eat more calories. Wait. What? That's a first; I have never been told that before. HAHA.

I have recently started water aerobics, which I really enjoy. It is a great hour long work out that is fun and isn't so boring like walking on a treadmill. When I am not attending a water aerobics class, I am out walking my dog. I am trying to be active and get some sort of physical activity in everyday.

I have lost 65 pounds as of today. I am really enjoying wearing clothes I have not worn in YEARS and shopping in the normal size clothing section. Getting to enjoy clothes shopping and compliments about how good you look are super motivating. I've also become a huge fan of "My 600 Pound Life" on TLC. That show really motivates me. I see them suffer and how hard it is for them to walk and it makes me thankful that I can.

I'm only 3 months into my RNY journey, but my feelings of wanting to help others going through this or thinking about it has never been so strong. 

I still have bad days and throw up more often than I would prefer and I don't like food really anymore. BUT... I would do it all over again. Being healthy and happier with myself is better than food. The happiness of eating a big juicy burger or Taco Bell only last so long... happy and confident lasts longer. :)

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