My First Few Posts (transferred)

August 1, 2006 -Hopefully Dr. Schweitzer will accept me as a candidate for surgery after my appointment set for October 2006.

August 11, Luckily, I got a cancellation and my initial appointment with Dr. Schweitzer is today. Nurse Pat is a GEM, compassionate and understanding. What a doll.  

By the way, today is our 38th anniversary with the love of my life.  We celebrated last week with our two daughters, their wonderful husbands and our delightful grandson.  Also, in attendance was my mother, my sister and her husband and their daughter.  I will try to upload a pix from that wonderful day.

Having done my homework in advance, at this initial appointment, I was able to present to Dr. Schweitzer a folder including 5 years of medical records from my internist, a psychiatrist's letter and had already seen Johns Hopkins nutritionist. 

Insurance Company (United Health) received info three days later on August 14th, and on the following Monday (8-18-06) I was approved. 

Debbie scheduled surgery for late October 2006. It is amazing how she handles so many details plus phone calls and is so very pleasant to deal with. She is a true asset to Dr. S's office.

August 20,  Today is the day to make all the necessary appointments for my pre-op tests.  My primary care physician doesn't take insurance and decided to save some money and stay within the preferred network of physicians.  These appointments must be within a 30 day window prior to surgery.  I have asthma and yearly take a pulmonary function test, I planned that this would be the perfect time to include it now.  

After reading so many comments about private rooms, I phoned Bayview to place my name on a request list.  Funny thing, instead of asking for admissions, I asked for reservations.  You would think I was going on vacation to a luxury spa.  

Being one that tries to think of everything in advance, I decided to self-donate my own blood, 'just in case' I might need it.  Today, September 20th, is the day.  I went to the American Red Cross and it wasn't bad at all.  

September 20 - Went to see Darlene O following her surgery with Dr. S.  That is when I realized how important it is to request a private room in advance of surgery date.  I am also making a mental note to bring some of my own pillows.  

To top off my visit and make it more exciting I went up to Dr. S's office to personally meet the two special women that answer his phones, Debbie and Melinda Beth.  They are as sweet and caring as they are on the other end of my wire.

September 21 - Today is the last day of my injections of Enbrel for psoriasis.  Dr. S. wanted me off for one month before and after surgery.   Being that it is an immune suppressant chances for an infection are greatly increased.

October 2  Today, I really feel like this process is beginning to take shape.  I met with the nurse from the anesthesia department at Johns Hopkins Bayview.  The visit was over an hour and she went over all the particulars of surgery and what should follow.  If I had any doubts or concerns they were erased from my mind thanks to Helen.

October 3 - EKG and Blood Test completed.

October 4 - PFT and Chest xray
All tests passed with flying colors - everything is a GO.

October 17 - After two hours of trying to fall asleep, decided to find out how you slept two nights before the BIG day? Tonight my wonderful husband and I went out for our "last supper" actually we have been going out every night this week as I am too anxious to cook.

While we were out, I bought two pillows at Target to take to the hospital. I had forgotten about the protein and vitamins, etc. so we went to David's Health Food Store.

I submitted my photo a few days ago but it is still not appearing. Maybe I should send it again? Tonight, I also, updated my blog. Had to transfer the info from the old style to the new beta version.

Too make the day go faster, I had a manicure, pedicure and facial. The technician where I was going? I just laughed and said to visit with a bunch of people. I now know what I am going to do to get through tonight, our dog needs a bath and blow dry. Good project for me and then if still not tired will clean out bird cage.

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