Winter blahs...

Jan 26, 2009

I have no ambition to do much of anything.  It's so freakin' cold outside that its actually painful to be out there for exercising.  I have my Wii Fit but jogging in place doesn't do it for me.  I want to walk outside without becoming a popsicle.  I have a treadmill at work but that is inside too.  I need some daylight.  Its cloudy more than it is sunny. 

I am bored with food.  It seems like it's the same old thing day in and day out.  I am striking out on a lot of recipes.  They sound great in principle, but when prepared, are nothing like what I was anticipating.  Eggface has great ideas, only they don't taste as good as I had hoped they would.  I haven't been adverturous enough to modify them to suit my tastes.  Maybe if I spend time doing some test cooking, I can figure out what I need to make them work for me.  But, that takes effort, for which I have no energy or inclination to give.  Whahhhhh....I am bored with cheese, tuna, bananas, oranges, soup, salads and chicken.  I have beef occassionally but only if it's beef stew or pot roast that slow cook for over 8 hrs.  Meat that is cooked for less time doesn't sit well with my pouch.  I did try a breakfast sausage on Sunday morning...I wasn't impressed.  I will stick with my bacon.  At least that goes down with little or no problems. 

Now that I am working on getting my calorie intake up, my water consumption is suffering.  I am only getting 48-56 oz per day.  Even that is a struggle.  Somedays I can get 32 oz down first thing in the AM.  Other days, I find it's 4pm and I still haven't finished the first 32 oz yet. 

I need an attitude adjustment....Calgon...take me away !!!


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