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Mar 03, 2010

I didn't give very many details last time, so I thought I'd elaborate and update. YAY!

I have had one bm after surgery and It was fine. That was 2 days ago, but I think it's normal for them to be so far inbetween because I am not really eating that much.

I found these awesome little sake cups at a store at vaughn mills outlet mall that are the perfect amount of food to eat, and in style too.

I also found these cute little rolled up face clothes that look like sushi, which I am going to give to my sisters when I go up north..... to the great frozen tundra.... okay not that north, but norther then here.

I had one nurse at the hospital who was flipping horrible.... like I think maybe she had mood swings or something because one minute she'd be stabbing me with needles (harder then the other nurses would stab me), and then next she'd be sweetly chatting with us in the room.... it was a bit unnerving... She tried to take my bloodpressure while I was in the washroom and it was a small washroom, so we didn't all fit (we being her, me and the IV pole attached to me). She didn't even knock on the bathroom door, just opened it wide and theres her and the bloodpressure machine and she's putting the thing around my arm and on my finger and I am thinking to myself "I wonder how often they clean these finger things". So after that she was trying to fit herself int he bathroom with us trying to hear my heart, and I was stooped over the toilet and she complained that I wasn't breathing deep enough and that I'd be dying of pneumonia if I coiuldn't breath deeper. I tried to explain to her that I was on the toilet and it would be easier if I could do this on the bed, but she didn't listen and left.

Then at the end when I was about to leave she said my bloodtests said my potassium was too low, and she made it seem like it was a really serious thing, that it was a life/death thing, and then said I'd have to wait around for 2 hours so they could find yogurt to mix it with. Anyways i went back to the room and 10 mins later another nurse came in and gave me the yogurt, but lost the potassium so they had to hunt that down. Before I left they gave me a sheet to take to the lab on monday to get bloodwork done.

Anyways I didn't really mind that but then today the doctor got back to me about the results of the blood work which he had no idea about, and said that when the nurse was overreacting about the potassium I had only been 0.1 under the normal amount which wasn't that big of a deal and that the monday tests showed me at normal levels.

Anyways I am going to stop typing and eat now.


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