Quoc Huynh

"I literally met him the day of my surgery because I was supposed to have my surgery with Dr. Klein but it got switched last minute. He was very nice and made sure after the surgery to go talk to my support people who were sitting in the lobby about the surgery, which was awesome. He also saw me the day after my surgery, as did 3 other doctors/nurses/whatever that were in the surgery helping him, so I ended up with visitors quite frequently, which was awesome. When I went for my follow up he was very nice, and answered all my questions very thorouhly. His office staff were great, very kind. I wish I had done all of my pre-op stuff with him because he was much nicer then Dr. Klein, although Dr. klein is an amazing doctor. I also had to call his office a couple of times the day after surgery, and he called me back directly instead of his secretary calling me, which was awesome. "
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