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I don't think I've asked this question here. I've asked it with my WLS friends. But I am wondering how to make this transition easier on my husband. I will have my surgery this summer. He doesn't want me to do it. He's used terms like "taking the easy

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Good day everyone,

Still waiting for a surgery date. I know I still have my May and June dietitian appointments and 13 lbs to loose, but I just want to have a date. I want to be able to start planning things, let work know, plan my summer that

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I found this brand of almond flour products on Amazon today. This company has a lot almond flour products, and are much lower in carbs and has some protein. I bought some snack crackers. I am excited to try them, they should be here tomorrow. Anybody e

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Hello all,

So I am hoping to have my surgery this summer, they haven't scheduled it yet since I still have to loose about 15 lbs. I've been scrolling through some posts about pain and feeling bad. This is a major surgery, but I'm trying to prep

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I wanted to share a really good recipe I found the other day that everyone liked, not just my WLS friends.

It is so easy to make too.

The crust is simply crushed pecans and butter with a sprinkling of stevia.

The filling is a 0

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Hello again. As I've stated in the general discussions forum, I am new to obesity help. I won't be ready for surgery until June/July. I've been looking through the posts here. I didn't realize that plastic surgery was so common. I know my insurance wi

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My name is Amanda, and I started my weight-loss program December 2018. If I stay on track I will be ready for surgery hopefully end of June or July. I'm currently working on going back to a low carb (not keto) diet. I had gestational diabetes x2 and I

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Hi! My name is Amanda. I am currently in the bariatric program and hoping to be ready around the end of June/July. So far my plan is to have the VSG. My doctor requires an upper scope to make sure I'm a candidate and don't require a RNY. He looks for B

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