July 31, 2006   

I met Dr. Meneghetti. I could not believe how nervous I was. I only waited 10 minutes and was out of his office in 40 minutes. His assistant will be booking me the appts for the tests to be done first and once those all come back I will meet with again to discuss the next step. So I will need to see a cardiologist, dietician, have blood tests done and a scope and one visit with a psychologist. Once that all gets done and he gets the results he will meet with me to schedule a surgery date if all goes well. He said they are moving to another office very close to where he is now and he hopes that the surgeries will start in the fall, but he did not know exactly when. He said probably in the winter or spring for me as there are about 50-60 people now on the list. He said things will not happen until the equipment and place is ready. He said the worse case scenario for a wait time will be a year but he does not think it will take that long.

Sept 06, 2006 

My scope was done today at UBC with Dr. M. They sedated me a little but I really did not relax until it was all over. Putting a large tube down my throat was the worst part, and it was almost the size of a garden hose but black in color. He had to spray my throat 3 times and I almost gagged 3-4 times but I made it through. He said everything looked fine and after spending an extra 30 minutes on the stretcher they released me. They kept taking my blood pressure every 3 minutes and waited for my blood pressure to go down, (as I waited over one and half hours) before they called my name to come in, so I was anxious to say the least, the first time they took it, it was 161/61-, white cloak syndrome working its magic I say. Once the saline solution started to go into my system I started to relax a little it and my blood pressure levelled off to 128/68. 

Then they wheeled me in to do the scope. Overall, it was not so bad It's just for those few minutes when the tube goes down your throat that is the worse part of all!! You can not eat or drink for about 2 hours after the scope.   

October 30, 2006

Well I had another consult with Dr. M to discuss things and talk about the WLS in general and find out where we go from here. I want to stay positive but I really felt depressed and pretty down after what he said today. Dr,. M said " I am waiting for OR time to be able to do the surgeries. Everything is ready to go but unfortunately, it is the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority that is holding things back. They do not feel that the surgeries are important or necessary". He said he has been in consultation with VCHA and it is like hitting his head on a brick wall, he is not getting anywhere. He suggested writing letters to them and keep doing that to hopefully make an impact to the decision makers. 

December 11, 2006

Dr M. signed my out of country application.He said that they have a lobbyist now who is working on getting the WLS going and this person has gotten results before helping others so he is hoping that this person will be able to help with this. I told him we were writing letters, e-mails, etc. and even had an article in the local paper and he said that is great. I asked him if he heard anything 
any buzzing and he said no. My heart ultrasound showed that I am fine- but it turns out that I do have multiple gallstones when they did a stomach ultrasound. Dr. M said they can be removed when I have the WLS. 

Jan 17/07 

UBC Sleep Clinic had a cancellation for the sleep apnea test so I went in. The doctor came in to see me the next morning and informed me that I have SEVERE Sleep Apnea-they counted 144 times in 5 hours where I was being obstructed. This will go in my file and maybe I can approved to go out of country.  

March 10, 2007

I am now getting used to the CPAC machine after 6 weeks of wanting to throw it against the wall!. I sleep about 6 hours max now and find that I have so much more energy during the day. At first, I found that I have to exhaust myself before I can sleep through the night without getting up a few times. I stayed up until 2 am for the first 3 weeks or so and only slept maybe 3 hours a night when I first started the machine. I had to take a sick day once a week for the first while as I was too tired to even stand up never mind drive to work and function.

I worried and could not relax with the machine when I first got it. I cried and was emotional all the time. I wanted to quit so many times but I stuck it out as I knew I had too. I found that I had to put it to the highest pressure they had set for me at which is 14 instead of letting it climb gradually from 6 which is how I was first introduced to the machine. It really made a difference to have a positive attitude. As soon as I relaxed and accepted it, I started to adjust quicker.

I feel so much better and have stopped having nightmares and hallucinations during the night. For the past 5 years every night I would see a little man come to the foot of my bed, smile and talk to me. And then it changed to seeing a skeleton coming at me and pinning me down in my bed and started whispering in my ear and I could not move from my fright. It seemed so real and my body could not move I was frozen. The doctor said that after not sleeping properly for years, my mind started playing tricks on me and hallucinations were happpening. My poor husband had to put up with it and had to comfort me all the time. I was afraid to go to sleep alone. 

April 13, 2007

Today I opened up my mail and I received a letter from MSP and they have approved me to have the Roux-En-Y Gastric bypass surgery by Dr. J. Hunter in Seattle, WA. They will pay for it!!  The WLS will be at the Virginia Mason Medical Center. I have to pay for scheduled appointments, travel arangements, accommodation and meals, but that's okay, I know this will cost me some money. That is a small amount compared to what I was going to do if I self paid. It will come out to about $1,200. My surgery will be on June 26, 2007!!! 

July 1, 2007

Here is some info on my surgery in Seattle. I was on liquids for a few days before the surgery I could not have anything other than water and that was only until midnight so I was feeling pretty tired. I had to check in at 6:30 am and they would not let my husband or mom come with me for prep before wheeling me to the or. I had to say goodbye at the elevator and then they whisked me away. They put the stockings on my legs and hooked me up to Iv's, took my vitals and they noticed that I was shaking so they gave me a mild sedation and then I was out and I don't remember.

I have 7 port holes in my belly due to the gall bladder operation, they went into my belly button and that was the one that was hurting the most and I am getting sharp pains all over due to gas releasing itself slowly. The surgeons told me that my gall bladder was shot and they had difficulty getting the stones out and I had many stones all over. They said it was quite the challenge but thank god they are experts at this and they did a great job. That is why my surgery lasted 5 and half hours instead of 2-3 hours. I woke up in ICU and there were about 8 people around me who were watching me very carefully and checking my vitals constantly.

They brought in a bariatric bed and lifted me up from the bottom to this very comfortable bed that moves up and down and all over, it was heaven to be in it. They they wheeled me to room 1062 on the 10th floor. I had a wonderful view and they told me that all bariatric patients get a PRIVATE ROOM-WOW. It was big and spacious with windows and a shower and bathroom.

The first day I was really out of it and don't remember much. I do recall coughing up stuff from my mouth that was thick, this is from the anesthetic. By the 2nd day, I started to feel pain so they gave me pain meds and I was able to have 1 oz of water at 15 min intervals. They brought me down to do the leak test and all was fine that day until midnight. I woke up feeling very nauseated and I tried to throw up but it was only dry heave and boy did it hurt. I spent a couple of hours on the toilet and sink. After I finally went back to bed around 3 am- I had to go to the bathroom and I discharged bile. 

I had no control over this and I spent another 3 hours in the bathroom again. They cleaned me up and put me back to bed and my this time it was 6:00 am when my husband and mom arrived. I was feeling very sick and upset and a little scared of what went on and I had no energy left to talk or even cry. The surgeons came to visit me that morning and decided to keep me at the hospital one more day due to what happened that evening. They discharged me on Friday, June 29th.  Today I am feeling much better and only had my pain medication once today so far. I am draining a lot less than before. I am still really bloated and sensitive and it hurts to cough or laugh or any activity. I have forcing myself to walk a few times a day as they instructed.  

July 8, 07 

I am only taking my pain meds once a day usually in the evening and am down 25 lbs since the surgery

July 11, 07

I met with the dietican and surgeon 3 days ago and they cleared me to move to the next stage from liquids to pureed food. I am also allowed to drive as long as I am not taking the pain medication. I don't think I am ready for the next stage of adding certain foods to my diet. The few foods that have been okay with me during the liquid stage include plain yogurt, cream of rice, pudding, protein shakes and jello and water. Dr. Hunter and the dietician were a little concerned that I was not able to eat for a few days due to nausea and just being so tired and of course the heat was not helping for a few days. Drinking water has stopped my nausea when I get it.

So for the pureed stage the dietican wants me to introduce the following : eggs, tuna, salmon, chicken, ham, low fat cheese such as mozza string or any high protein food that has been cooked in moisture or just moist and blended together in the magic bullet. I was able to eat a scrambled egg with a little milk added to it that was cooked with pam. But when I tried a mushed up tsp of  chicken breast soaked in chicken broth, it did not go down well. I got the foamies and had to throw it up. It did not hurt as I think it was stuck in my rib cage so it did not have to come up from too far away and after I did throw up I felt much better. Now I am afraid to try something else. I will stick with the liquid food for a few more days which I have anyways and am thinking of cooking some sole next week to try that as it is light and soft.

I did talk to the dietician who told me that she was not surprised and said that probably my opening in my pouch is most likely still swollen and needs more time to heal. I told her that I am going to listen to my body and not the calendar saying okay now try these foods now. She agreed and told me that was a good idea. The good news is that I have lost exactly 30 pounds! 

July 25, 2007

I was able to eat steamed sole, peas and a few pieces of potatoes. It felt so good being able to eat some " normal food" again. I find that I can not eat leftovers as it has to be really moist so I am freezing some of the foods for now and making a lot less when I cook. The great news is that I have also lost another 4 pounds, making it 34 in total since WLS. 

August 19, 2007 

The good news is that I have lost 46 pounds now since June 26 when I had the WLS.

The bad news is that I twisted my left knee a couple of days ago when I was trying to exercise. I put ice, heat and elevated it for long periods of time and it seemed like it was getting better but last night I woke up from the pain that was shooting up my leg and spasms to my calf, foot and upper thigh. First I took liquid Tylenol for adults and the pain was unbearable and began to escalate so then I took the liquid oxycodone that was given to me after the surgery. It did not work either and at this point I was crying and in such pain. I have a high tolerance of pain but this was so bad I could not bear it. I became nauseated and my leg was throbbing. My husband took me to Burnaby General Hospital last Friday by 6 am. I had a very positive experience as they fast tracked me in within 10 minutes of arrival. I thought it may have been a torn ligament or a twisted knee as my left knee started to swell and there were many bruises.

Well after they checked my history and saw that I had surgery 6 weeks ago they wanted to rule out a blood clot and a few hours later after getting an ultrasound and an X-ray they told me that I had severe arthritis in my left knee. They gave me a shot of morphine for pain which helped a little later but I still could not put weight on my left leg as my knee would buckle and start to shake. They discharged me by 10:30 am. The emergency doctor said to go to my physician and get them to refer me to orthopedic surgeon as they said I may need to have surgery on my knee. This was the first time I heard that I had arthritis!!!

Anyway, I slept on and off on the couch for the rest of Friday as the morphine finally kicked in and I was like a zombie and now I have this dull pain and still can not put weight on the leg but the pain is a 7 out of 10 now so it is tolerable. I was going to ask my husband to go to the Red Cross to borrow some crutches for a while. I don't think a walker will do the trick. Maybe a cane would be better? They said to put ice on it and elevate it as much as you can and rest.  Saturday the pain is much less, more like a 5 out of 10, I am feeling much better. 

Now it is Sunday and I am much better as I have about 25% pain and am slowly walking again but putting weight on it hurts a little so I am very careful but what a difference from 2 days ago!!!     I want to be able to walk for exercise when I am able to stand on my own 2 feet but for now I will go swimming instead. 

My family and friends are saying that arthritis comes on slowly not all at once so I am wondering if the hospital did not diagnose me properly. I am going to phone my surgeon in Seattle and ask for their opinion. I am thinking due to this rapid weight loss I have had in the last 6 weeks maybe my body is trying to realign itself and of course the heavy weight on my knees for the past several years has made it worse. 

Sept 4, 2007

I finally got in to see my doctor a few days ago as he was on holidays for a few weeks. It has been 2 weeks now since my extremely painful episode in my knee but the pain is down considerably. Even though X rays showed arthitis in my left knee, I believe that something caused me to wake up in the middle of the night screaming in pain?  I have never experienced that level of pain before and I don't want to wish that on my worse enemy-LOL!

My doctor thinks I have Gout and he is now sending me for tests to find out for sure by testing my level of uric acid in my body. After reading up on it and seeing that it can occur suddenly and unexpectedly I think that is what I experienced that night and it would explain my symptoms and why it just happened overnight without any warning.

I am now down 55 lbs since WLS!  Next week I am going to start walking even if I am in pain. 

Sept 9, 2007

Well it seems that I am always getting something these days. Friday evening the left side of my face swelled up, my left ear was throbbing and I had a fever of 101. I went to the walk in clinic yesterday morning and he told me that I had an ear infection again. This is the 3rd time since the beginning of the year!!!! He seems to think that my immunity is down and I get my blood work back this week so I will know more about that soon. Anyway, I am on drops again and liquid antibiotics for 10 days. So much for swimming for now LOL!!

I am going to make an appt with my doctor and speak to him about sending me to an ear, nose, throat specialist to see what they recommend. Ever since I started using the CPAC machine (after I was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea ) I wake up with moisture in my ears due to the mask. Maybe this is what is causing this.........? bacteria growing in there...........? The doctor suggested I wipe my ears with hydrogen peroxide and cotton everyday and I use a hair dryer on my ears after I shower. I use a bathing cap when I am not washing my hair and cover my ears when I shower. 

I do have some good news, I am now down exactly 60 pounds since WLS on June 26th. Yahoo!!!

October 2, 2007

My weight loss has slowed down now a little now but that's okay, it's to be expected. I am still losing inches and am down 80 pounds total from losing 16 pounds before WLS and 64 pounds after.

November 25, 2007

I am down to 41.5 BMI from a 60!!! I measured myself too and I have lost 57.5 inches since I started this journey. I updated my pictures and am feeling terrific. I go for a follow up visit to Seattle on Dec. 5th and to see the respirologist at UBC on the same week. I will post after my appts. 
December 4/07 

Hi everyone,

Well I finally did it. I am in the Century Club!  Grin Cheesy- yipee!!

I have been so hungry lately and have increased my protein and water. I am finding that I have a pattern of weight loss now for the past month or so when I am hungry for a few days in a row even though I am eating enough that is when my body seems to lost rapidly. I have been feeling very hungry the past month or so. I have dropped 13 pounds in the past 10 days.

Drum roll please........LOL!! I have lost 101 pounds since May-91 of those pounds have come off since WLS on June 26!!! 

I saw Dr. Hunter yesterday in Seattle and all is great. They were amazed with my weight loss and they almost did not recognize me as they have not seen me since July 15th when I went for my 2 week follow up. I bought lots of sugar free and fat free items. I will post those things in the next day or so as it is so great what you get over there and the prices are so cheap. I also bought B12 microdots- 240 in a bottle for under $4.

The border people were fine with me bringing stuff back. I gave them this card that says I had WLS and am on a restricted diet so they did not charge me for duty, they said no problem. They took a look at my passport picture and looked at me and said wow. They said congrats and let me go. I was ready to pay duty but it was not necessary they said.

January 18, 2008 

I am now down 115 pounds from May of last year. I am feeling terrific and have so much energy. 

June 15, 2008- It's been a long time since I updated. My severe sleep apnea is gone and I am no longer using a CPAC machine.  I am down 142 pounds since May 2007, yahoo! I feel great and have so much energy.   I am now buying size small t-shirts and I recently bought a size 12 bathing suit.   I am around 40 pounds from goal.  I can pretty well eat everything now in small amounts, sugar makes me sick and any greasy foods makes me nauseous though.  This is the best thing I ever did for myself and next week it will be a year since WLS. I am off to Europe for 6 weeks at the end of the month to celebrate. 

August 19, 2008

I decided to measure myself again as it had been a while since I had and I have been keeping track every few months on paper. I lost 16 pounds when I was on holidays and I knew I had lost lots of inches in my legs and hips as I had bought new clothes before I went away to Europe and now they are falling off me again. Thank god for Walmart, Value Village and second hand stores.

Here are the comparisons since my surgery

June 26, 2007

Neck 18"
Breasts 53"
Hips 63"
Legs 32"
Arms 18"
Wrist 7"
Ankles 12.5"
Knees 21
Waist 49"

August 14/08

Neck 13.5"
Breasts 37.5"
Hips 41"
Legs 23"
Arms 13"
Wrist 6"
Ankles 10"
Knees 18"
Waist 36.5"

I still can not believe sometimes as it feels weird to be this small. I am now around 20-30 pounds from goal. I am not obsessing about it. As a matter of fact I feel fine if I stay this way too. If more weight comes off that's great too but I am not pushing it as my body needs time to adjust to the new weight and the rest will come off slowly and with time and that's okay. I was 323 pounds the day of surgery on June 26/07 and now I weigh around 170 pounds. I would like to be around 140-150 ish or so if possible.

RNY June 26, 2007 Seattle, WA- Dr. Hunter-Virginia Mason Hospital,
HW 323 lbs; SW 313 lbs; CW 172 lbs, GW around 150 lbs

September 9, 2008

I am now down to 164 pounds, I feel great!

November 24/08

I am now passed my goal and weigh 135 pounds now. I am going through some personal problems right now so i know it is stress related but I am worried that I am going the other way now. I hope that things will settle down and I will plateau at some point.

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