Back on the BandWagon!!

May 15, 2008

It has been way too long since posting and going to the doctor for that matter. I have been on a hiatus for the last 5 months,,,the good news is that I have not gained anything so on a psitive note, I guess you can say I have been working on my maintenance skills.

Anyway, it's time to get this train rolling again so I went to see my doc yesterday for my second fill.  He gave me .6cc and am curious to see how it feels today as I was on clear liquids all day yesterday, haven't tried to eat anything yet today. and have been doing this with basically ZERO restriction for the last several months. 

I am determined to get below the 200 lb mark before the end of June.  I am going to commit to walking my 30 minutes everyday (at least 5 x a week) like I used to when the scale was moving in the beginning.  We bought a boat a few months ago for this summer to enjoy at Lake Powell and I want to feel good and look good for the first time in years!!!


Nov 26, 2007

Went into the doctors yesterday for what I thought would be my 2nd fill......NOPE!!!!  No fill for Sandy, being I had lost over 10 lbs since I saw him 4 weeks ago  and he was very pleased and said I did not need a fill since he did not want me losing any faster than I already was. Makes sense to me, except the weight that came off was in the first week and a half after my 1st fill and the scale has not budged for almost the last 3 weeks. I just keep playing up and down with the same 3 lbs. 

I explained to him that I have days that seem like there is a bottomless pit in my stomach and I can't seem to get enough to eat and other days I have pretty good restriction and even get stuck and have PB'd and remain satisfied on very small amounts of food.  His answer was that this is completely normal and the band is a very "Finicky" thing.  That's just great!!!! All I need is another "FINICKY" thing to deal's like it has it's own PMS cycle....JUST MY LUCK!!!!   

I go back to see the Doc at the beginning of the New Year and hopefully my "Finicky" friend helps keep me in line throughout the holidays.

Wicked, Wicked Scale!!

Oct 30, 2007

Finally got my 1st fill a week ago...They gave me 2cc and it wasn't too bad. Actually, it was very quick and pretty much painless. Did the clear liquids for a day and got on the scale the next morning and lost 6lbs (HOLY COW) then was careful eating the next day as I was not sure how tight I was. Got on the scale the following morning and lost another 3 lbs...OMG!!  That was 9 lbs in 2 days, held it for 2 days and then lost another pound. (10 lbs total)..but TOM was lurking and gained 5 lbs back the next day UGHHH!!   Well, TOM finally decided to show his face today and the scale was down the five lbs he gave me a few days ago. Thank God!!

Today is my 25th Wedding Anniversary to the love of my life and we will be having a wonderful family dinner at my moms house tonight.  I really don't care what I eat since my scale is crazy anyway...I think I may buy a new one as these fluctuations will make you nuts, or perhaps I should listen to the boards and quit weighing myself so often.  That is hard to do since getting up in the morning and jumping on the scale and seeing a loss just makes my day (of course seeing a gain can ruin it too!!)

Getting back on track

Oct 21, 2007

Haven't posted in a while....I was slighlty discouraged when I went to the docs 4 weeks ago for my 1st fill and he said I didn't need one because my weight loss was doing so well. To be honest...I was at a stall and was still hanging on to a 25lbs loss that happened 3 weeks after surgery.  Well, now I am scheduled for the doc this morning and he better give me a fill. I can eat anything and as much as I want. I am still hanging onto the initial 25lbs, even though I did manage to drop to a total of 34lbs but gained it all back this last week. We went with friends to Lake Powell in the RV's and lets just say carbs were really consumed as well as ALOT of liquid calories, plus it is just about time for TOM to arrive. YUKKK!!!

Today I will get back on the "Bandwagon" because I want Santa to bring me a 50lb loss by Christmas!

25 lbs Pedicure Reward 9/7/2007

Sep 06, 2007

I promised my self when I hit the 25 lbs lost mark, I would reward myself with a pampering pedicure...ahhhhh!!!!!!  Well, today is the day. I got on the scale this morning and I am down 26 lbs wahoooo!!! (and it has only been 3 weeks and 3 days since my surgery)  I am so proud of myself and feel so good. I guess the only thing left is to decide what color I want my toenails today :)

Not quite 3 weeks 8/31/07

Aug 30, 2007

This last week and a half has been quite enlightening for me, and I don't mean just by the scale.  Granted I am down 23lbs and met my goal of 20lbs in the first 2 weeks. I am a absolutely THRILLED and feel GREAT!!!  I am a bit surprised that I don't feel the band doing it's job like I expected, this could be that the swelling is down and I need my first fill.  I feel totally normal. No pain at all, the incisions look good, but find I am getting hungry sooner and can eat way more than a half a cup, but refuse to give in so I am just working a bit harder than what I wanted to plus walking over a mile everyday.  Hopefully I get a fill on my next Dr. appt Sept 24th, although thats still more than 3 weeks away.

I have to say that I have been feeling very content with my life and my choice to do this surgery. I have forgotten what it feels like to have so much energy and haven't been this weight in almost 3 years. I am starting to find new clothes in my closet  ( my old staples are getting baggy) that I haven't brought out in years. I still refuse to buy new clothes because I don't plan on staying at this weight for long so will start shopping for a few items when I get to onderland.  I do want to reward myself so decided I will get a pedicure at the 25lb mark (hopefully in a few days).

The first week 8-14-07 to 8-24-07

Aug 23, 2007

I had the surgery and everthing appears to have went fine. I guess I was more nervous than I needed to be.  I actually felt pretty good except for the pressure in my chest and unable to take a deep breath and some soreness at the incisions, but they say that shall pass in time.

Sticking with my clear liquids for 2 days and trying to get up and walk around / move around in the house seems to be getting easier as the days go by. On day three I transitioned to full creamy liquids and still feel great (only needed to tak 3 vicodens the first day and a half I got home). By day four I was able to walk quite well and even went with my Hubby to Sedona for the day and stopped at the casino on the way home. Day five I started walking a mile after dinner. WOW!!! I haven't done that walk in over a year and it felt wonderful.

Got on the scale and dropped 15 lbs since the surgery a week ago.  This is amazing, I have never felt so good. Visited the doctor for my one week post-op and he was very pleased and has now started me on solid foods and wants to see me back in four weeks to discuss band adjustments. For the first time in a long time I actually am excited about what is in store for me the next day. I want to start projects around the house and even get up every morning and do my hair and make-up!! (far cry from sitting around in my scruffies and throwing my hair in a clip)  

I am now starting week two and hope to lose another 5 lbs this week (20lbs the first 2 weeks). I'm off to a good start as I am already another 3 lbs down (18 total in 10 days)  and still have 4 days to go to reach my goal.

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