gaul bladder

Mar 23, 2008

Well i had a attack and had to have sugrey. i went to the hosptial over here next to me it was the wrong thing to do i should of went to the hosptial in mo where i got the bypass done but i did it the hard way. i was in the hosptial 5 long days i am some what better but i got alot of healing to do..

been a long time

Feb 12, 2008

Well i not posted since my date. Since that i have lost over 70lbs. I am very happy but still feel fat.  I know i nee to get to a meeting but i not had time with 5 kids and a hub.  
I try and work out in my basement and when i get anytime. I am still tryn to get my vitmans right i not sure about all that though.
I hope my mom get her date in may of this year she doing everything the doc said. but i am so glad we started this because going though all this found out that my mom had cancer. And the good news is she clear of it all of the cancer, I am so glad.
So there some of my news


Jun 06, 2007

Hi I am a 32 year old women that has been over weight most of my life.  I have 5 kids 1,2,9,12,14, there are 3 boys and 2 girls. i ask myself why did i start over. lol. I am married as of april 28,2007. i was so upset i look so big in my pictures i know that wedding dresses make you look 2 size bigger cause everything under it but i look BIG.  I love my  husband  very much.  He stands by me in what ever i want. I have a Great Mother she is going to get the bypass too. I would be lose with out her.

I now work for the bus company it a fun job. 

I can not wait to get the approvel letter hope on the 1st try. It has been sent just waiting. i am willing to go tomorrow to get this bypass. i am so tired of being over weight.
Well 1st letter  denied so hopefully the 2nd be appv.

and letter been approved.
Date is Oct 8th, 2007 is my date.

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gaul bladder
been a long time