6 months

May 23, 2011

I am 6 months out

I am down 86 pounds!
no mini goals at the moment

I am reached my second goal of 160 on May 12

I have 18 pounds left to go to get to Goal

I wear a size 10 jeans but they are getting loose..

and my BMI has gone from 41.8 to 27.1
Extremely obese to Overweight
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160 LBS

May 11, 2011

 I DID IT! I reached my second Goal of 160lbs.. wow it seemed like such a far distant number before.. I still have 20 more lbs before I get to 140.. can you believe it only "20" I would have killed to have only needed to lose 20 lbs about 6 months ago..

I have had so many people write me for tips and adice and I feel honored I share what I can but I always remember to tell them remember to find what works for you.. what works for me might not work for you.. and vice versa. 

I still get compliments, I get so many its starting to get embarassing.. Ive had women come and touch my hips and tell me how sick I make them because I have such a tiny waist lol.. I think 2 out every 5 people I meet say I should model.. even strangers.. lol I would if  could but I am about 4" too short lol..  

I can honestly say this Journey has made me the happiest I have been in a really long time.. I feel like life is mine again and I want to share my joy with everyone.. 


Apr 25, 2011

 I am 5 months and 3 days out.. 

I am down 77 pounds! (244 to 167)

I am only 7 pounds from my second goal of weighing 160..

I have 27 pounds left to go to get to Goal of 140..

I wear a size 12 jeans now from a 18/20...

and my BMI has gone from 41.8 to 28.7..
Extremely obese to Overweight
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"I'm allergic to food. Every time I eat it breaks out into fat"

Apr 01, 2011

 I am 4 months 1 week and 3 days out.. 

 I am down 69.8 pounds!
no mini goals at the moment

I am only 14 pounds from my second goal of weighing 160..

I have 34.2 pounds left to go to get to Goal of 140..

I wear a size 12 jeans now...

and my BMI has gone from 41.8 to 29.8..
Extremely obese to Overweight


Mar 22, 2011

 what I wrote in the forum:

WoW I can not believe it has been 4 months already! the surgery feels so far away now. I have lost 65 pounds since then and I feel wonderful! I hit my first huge 2 week stall this month but still managed to lose about 8 pounds this month. things have started to move again on the scale. and believe it or not I was not even discouraged about the stall.. I mean really I have lost over half my goal weight in 4 MONTHS! I weighy myself every morning after I pee 3x's, its not a good habit for everyone but I like to know where I am and even gaining a pound or not moving doesnt seem to bother me because I know I am doing everything I need to be doing and im probably just losing inches.

I am in a size 14 I could be in a size 12.. Im still wearing my 16's which are way too big, makes my butt look saggy, but I live in sweat pants and tshirts so who knows haha.. One of these days I will go clothes shopping I just know when I finally do I will probably go crazy.. My confidence has sky rocketed I can now stand to look at myself an the mirror and not cry, at least not cry tears of sadness. My husband and I have become 100 x's more intimate and he has gotten 50x's more affectionate. he loved me before but he really loves me now.. haha.. 

Now my mother is considering having the sleeve done and I am doing everything I can to make her feel comfortable about the procedure and what all it entails. she weighs 20 pounds less than me when I had the procedure done but she has comorbidites while I did not. so heres to crossing my fingers she gets approved. 

I feel so good that if I did not lose another pound I would not be upset. My goal is 140 (38 more pounds) but It might be revised I said I would get to 160 and then re evaluate if I need to keep losing, people look at me and think im already 140-150. so I dont want to look sickly lol.. 

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"To lengthen your life, shorten your meals."

Mar 03, 2011

I am 3 months 1 week and 2 days out.. 

 I am down 60.4 pounds!
no mini goals at the moment

I am only 23 pounds from my second goal of weighing 160..

I have 42.6 pounds left to go to get to Goal

I wear a size 16 jeans but they are getting really loose..

and my BMI has gone from 41.8 to 31.5
Extremely obese to Obese
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"If hunger is not the problem, then eating is not the solution"

Feb 20, 2011

This is just a copy & paste of what I wrote in the forum:

Hi guys! Some of you remember me some of you don't! I have not been here in over a month about 1 month 1/2 after I had VSG I moved to Germany to be with my husband.. It took them 3 weeks to come hook up our internet :/ but Im back! I missed reading all the stories here.. Im about a week away from being at 3 months.

I have lost 51 pounds (no pre op liquid diet) and I have to say I can finally see it! I am down one pants size 18 to a 16 but those are starting to get loose. my boobs have gotten smaller but my butt has gotten bigger and rather nice looking too lol. I take a zumba class here and I bought a kinect so I can do Zumba at home as well as the other fitness games and i have to say they are working! I went without a scale the whole time I was in Germany and Just received our household items a few days ago and I was so nervous I had gained weight I was shocked to see the scale hadI lov said 193 when I had arrived here I was 208?! Im sad I missed those beautiful numbers of 199 but so happy it was so much lower when I finally did see it..

My husband and I had been apart for 4 months he was shocked and in awe when he saw me I had lost about 37 pounds and I have lost the rest while being here in Germany. People were right when they said the changes would effect your relationship I looked like a tottaly different person to my husband that it took him a few days to get used to me. My skin tone has gotten lighter, he says I "smell" different (not in a bad way) and of course I now carry myself differently then I did when I was bigger. I do my hair more, wear nicer clothes, and wear makeup. But he is happy and compliments me whenever he gets a chance its like he has a whole new wife with the same personality of the old one.

I still have about 53 pounds to go, my husband says I could stop here if I wanted to.. but my arms are still pretty large and I want to tone up my legs and I still have 2 small rolls on my back that need to go lol.. my stomach has gotten so small and I feel so curvy now! I can actually stand to look at myself in the mirror and not cry! I can eat pretty much anything I want, I can eat a little faster than I used to but still have to take my time here and there. I can eat way more than when I first started but its still small amounts and I have gotten used to it so it doesnt bother me.. now my husband and daughter eat whatever I dont finis
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"One should eat to live, not live to eat."

Jan 01, 2011

Let see should update some.. It has now been 1 month and 1 week and 2 days since surgery. The movers came for my belongings on Monday Dec 27th and I let them pack my scale. I did not weight myself for 4 days haha and that was the toughest 4 days ever because I had no idea if I was losing or gaining. I am staying with a friend for 12 days and I used her scale.. I went down 3 pounds! so I am now 209! 9 more pounds until I am at sweet sweet onderland! so that makes my total 35 pounds lost.

I sent a picture to my folks and they said they can really tell which I of course still see a huge fat person haha.. I especially hate my arms! I can not wait for those to get smaller.. when I get to Germany im going to inves tin some dumb bells and get these arms toned up..

I can pretty much eat whatever I want right now, I am staying clear of carbs not sure for how longs though.. I did try a piece of bread a few days ago just to see how it would sit.. and it went down really well..

Fort New years I was able to eat 4 crab legs and 3 pieces of shrimp.. that was so exciting for me because I really wanted seafood this New Years, because I do it every New Years.. I was satisfied with that little amount even when my friends were still eating.. I was full and content..

I have learned not to get down over how little I eat because I want to lose this weight more than I want food.. I want to look and feel sexy and have my husband feel the attraction to me like when we were dating.


"A diet is the penalty we pay for exceeding the feed limit."

Dec 23, 2010

So today is exactly 1 month since I had surgery! I can not believe it has been a month already..

I am down 29.6 pounds!
so I set a new mini goal of 40 by Jan 17

I am only 14 pounds from onderland!

I have 74.4 pounds left to go

I weigh the exact same as my husband 0_0

and my BMI has gone from 41.8 to 36.7
Extremely obese to Obese

I can only eat about 3-4oz per meal, I don't feel hungry and I don't get cravings, people say they can see it in my face, but I don't really see it yet, I do notice my stomach has gotten smaller and my jeans are loose in the butt area though..

I overall feel really good, I still get tired from time to time and so I usually nap when my daughter naps. I do get stalls but it last for like 2 days then I lose a pound.. I have no regrets and recommend this to the newbies!

I have not been cleared to exercise yet but this week im cleaning and tossing out stuff for my big move to Germany, so I get a good run up and down the stairs all week.. the movers will be here on monday and im pretty stoked. I wont be leaving till Jan 17.. but it will be good to see my husband and to see the look on his face when he sees me
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