"One should eat to live, not live to eat."

Jan 01, 2011

Let see should update some.. It has now been 1 month and 1 week and 2 days since surgery. The movers came for my belongings on Monday Dec 27th and I let them pack my scale. I did not weight myself for 4 days haha and that was the toughest 4 days ever because I had no idea if I was losing or gaining. I am staying with a friend for 12 days and I used her scale.. I went down 3 pounds! so I am now 209! 9 more pounds until I am at sweet sweet onderland! so that makes my total 35 pounds lost.

I sent a picture to my folks and they said they can really tell which I of course still see a huge fat person haha.. I especially hate my arms! I can not wait for those to get smaller.. when I get to Germany im going to inves tin some dumb bells and get these arms toned up..

I can pretty much eat whatever I want right now, I am staying clear of carbs not sure for how longs though.. I did try a piece of bread a few days ago just to see how it would sit.. and it went down really well..

Fort New years I was able to eat 4 crab legs and 3 pieces of shrimp.. that was so exciting for me because I really wanted seafood this New Years, because I do it every New Years.. I was satisfied with that little amount even when my friends were still eating.. I was full and content..

I have learned not to get down over how little I eat because I want to lose this weight more than I want food.. I want to look and feel sexy and have my husband feel the attraction to me like when we were dating.