"If hunger is not the problem, then eating is not the solution"

Feb 20, 2011

This is just a copy & paste of what I wrote in the forum:

Hi guys! Some of you remember me some of you don't! I have not been here in over a month about 1 month 1/2 after I had VSG I moved to Germany to be with my husband.. It took them 3 weeks to come hook up our internet :/ but Im back! I missed reading all the stories here.. Im about a week away from being at 3 months.

I have lost 51 pounds (no pre op liquid diet) and I have to say I can finally see it! I am down one pants size 18 to a 16 but those are starting to get loose. my boobs have gotten smaller but my butt has gotten bigger and rather nice looking too lol. I take a zumba class here and I bought a kinect so I can do Zumba at home as well as the other fitness games and i have to say they are working! I went without a scale the whole time I was in Germany and Just received our household items a few days ago and I was so nervous I had gained weight I was shocked to see the scale hadI lov said 193 when I had arrived here I was 208?! Im sad I missed those beautiful numbers of 199 but so happy it was so much lower when I finally did see it..

My husband and I had been apart for 4 months he was shocked and in awe when he saw me I had lost about 37 pounds and I have lost the rest while being here in Germany. People were right when they said the changes would effect your relationship I looked like a tottaly different person to my husband that it took him a few days to get used to me. My skin tone has gotten lighter, he says I "smell" different (not in a bad way) and of course I now carry myself differently then I did when I was bigger. I do my hair more, wear nicer clothes, and wear makeup. But he is happy and compliments me whenever he gets a chance its like he has a whole new wife with the same personality of the old one.

I still have about 53 pounds to go, my husband says I could stop here if I wanted to.. but my arms are still pretty large and I want to tone up my legs and I still have 2 small rolls on my back that need to go lol.. my stomach has gotten so small and I feel so curvy now! I can actually stand to look at myself in the mirror and not cry! I can eat pretty much anything I want, I can eat a little faster than I used to but still have to take my time here and there. I can eat way more than when I first started but its still small amounts and I have gotten used to it so it doesnt bother me.. now my husband and daughter eat whatever I dont finis

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