160 LBS

May 11, 2011

 I DID IT! I reached my second Goal of 160lbs.. wow it seemed like such a far distant number before.. I still have 20 more lbs before I get to 140.. can you believe it only "20" I would have killed to have only needed to lose 20 lbs about 6 months ago..

I have had so many people write me for tips and adice and I feel honored I share what I can but I always remember to tell them remember to find what works for you.. what works for me might not work for you.. and vice versa. 

I still get compliments, I get so many its starting to get embarassing.. Ive had women come and touch my hips and tell me how sick I make them because I have such a tiny waist lol.. I think 2 out every 5 people I meet say I should model.. even strangers.. lol I would if  could but I am about 4" too short lol..  

I can honestly say this Journey has made me the happiest I have been in a really long time.. I feel like life is mine again and I want to share my joy with everyone..