...i should be happy

Jun 23, 2010

....but i'm not. I feel like if i drop something i could start crying. the last 2 weeks have been very hard for me. this liquid diet sucks.... i normally am dehydrated so for me to drink ONLY liquids for 2 weeks is a challange in itself...

tonight is the worst night so far. last night i found a bunch of videos online where people have died from this surgery... had bleeding ulcers and didn't even knew.... died 2 weeks after surgery!

i'm really freaking out tonight. my ex husband is not being supportive at all and is saying that i'm being selfish and making it all about me... making me feel very guilty because of my daughter.

i'm starting to wonder if this is right for me..... i wasn't at all questioning it until the videos last night, the guilt trip from my ex husband and my failure on this liquid diet.


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