protein shakes are bleckkkkk, not doing it anymore for a while,

Apr 17, 2010

I am hating the protein shakes they make me nauceous so I am not dinking them  for a week now,I will go back to them when I feel I can, I am making sure all meals are protein based though and taking all my pills etc., feel good. I am also walking daily 1-2 hours just a relaxed walk but a walk none  the less. I did miss two days this week but every other night i did my bit. Bought a new pair of good cross trainers New Balance 552's they are mens because I need the width and size, they are tres cumfy and I wore them all day yesturday. My feet never got sore! It was fantastic...My dog is exhausted all the walking but I do walk with different people all the time so they dont get tired out.  lol.
ALso I bought a new smaller bra yesturday now Im not sure if its the right size exactly but I started out with a 46 plus extender (3inches) , ddd and ee and the one I am wearing now is a 42 d no extender! It may be alittle small in the cup for now but thatll change. I think because I am walking more I have slowed in weiht loss but probably not in inches because I am building muscles back that used to be there . My butt is getting smaller and my legs are definately more toned, my arms I will have to work separately on when Im allowed back at the gym, also all the wlaking has helped tone my backa nd a little of my stomache as you always use your stomache muscles to walk upright! lol!  My nech and face have definatley lost poundage and inches, I now have  a defined waist again all be it a big one. I wore my jeans yesturday tha I havent worn in ages and I tried to put them on a coupel wks ago they wee still tight. I put them on yesturday with ease and the button did up with room to spare! How exciting!!! I put on a belt and tucked my top in. It may not have been that pretty to the rest of the world but damn it I am not hiding these new curves of mine ! ITs been awhile since my waist was smaller thn hips!  Everybody MUST know!


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