I had a heart attack a little over 5 years ago resulting in a stent and pacemaker being implanted. Since then, I have gained over 130 lbs. No matter how much I diet, I cannot lose the weight. Everyday things are now difficult - tying my shoes, walking up a flight of stairs, tossing a ball with my grandson, etc. I am hoping to be able to regain my life and live longer by having this surgery.  While I am definitely excited and looking forward to it, I must confess that I am also somewhat apprenhesive. I realize the risks of the surgery are very small versus the rewards it brings, but still it is scarey.  That said, I still cannot wait to get everything completed and have my surgery so I can start LIVING AGAIN! Plus, I have to be around to help raise my 7 year old grandson and  2 year old granddaughter.

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Meridianville, AL
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Jan 09, 2008
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