My struggles with weight are not dissimilar from many others on here, I suppose.  I've been overweight since preschool, learned the art of emotional eating at a young age (probably because food was used as a reward or bandaid in my home), faced a difficult childhood (made considerably more difficult by the teasing from my peers), and found myself in a bad marriage in my early 20s.  That's the end of my sad story, though.

Following separation and divorce several years ago, I started creating the life I always dreamed of.  I decided to quit my job, sell my car, pack up a U-Haul, and go to college.  While it was awkward being in school with "kids" who were a decade younger than I, graduating is still my most prized accomplishment because of the challenges I had to overcome to make it happen.  After graduation, I found a good, stable job and bought a home.  I've dated, made friends, picked up hobbies, and become an aunt.

In a nutshell, I feel that I've faced adversity and come out on top time and time again -- in every area except losing the weight, that is.  I started dieting in middle school and every attempt resulted in short-lived success and a rapid regain of all the lbs lost +10 for good measure.  I've reached a point where I'm afraid to even attempt to diet for fear of the health implications of gaining again.

I'm ready to succeed and am excited to get the Lab Band -- I see it as arming myself for battle.  I can't wait to see who I'll become when my outward appearance finally reflects the happy, funny, confident, and friendly woman I am on the inside!

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