What's a girl to do...

Apr 27, 2010

...when she can't eat her emotions anymore? 

Went to my first family gathering this past weekend.  It was emotional for a lot of reasons -- health problems in my family, seeing family I've been estranged from for years, seeing sappy home movies and realizing how much time I've lost with loved ones.  It was painful from beginning to end.  I found myself overwhelmed to the point of tears at 3 separate points.  Completely humiliating.  Wasn't until after the fact that I realized I no longer had my good friend food to save me from feeling all the badness.  I couldn't just stuff down my emotions with with all the good BBQ food at the buffet.

I ended up at a jewelry party that evening, and spent $250 on various baubles to make me feel pretty.  First step towards transfer addiction?!

Curious how others deal with emotions when eating isn't an option.

Finally banded, but not without drama!

Apr 18, 2010

I'm 11 days banded now, and feeling much better -- still a little tired and having some port incision issues, but doing well overall.  On the day of my surgery, I was freaking out a little bit, and just as I started to calm down I got an unpleasant surprise -- the physicians assistant comes in the room and tells me he will be assisting Dr. Halmi with my surgery.  Problem...I'd never met Dr. Halmi, I was scheduled with and had had all my pre-op consultations with Dr. Tran!  So, my freakout went back into gear, and rather than taking the moments before surgery to relax and ask my final questions of Dr. Tran, I felt like I was re-interviewing a new surgeon for the job.  Of course, they don't tell me of the switcheroo until my IV is in and I'm a few short minutes from being wheeled in for surgery!  Not nice. 

Anyway, I'm over it.  I actually had read some of Dr. Halmi's information beforehand when I was initially searching for a surgeon, and, while he is clearly a qualified and skilled surgeon, I had selected Dr. Tran b/c he had done several times more banding procedures.  At the end of the day, Dr. Halmi did a great job.  Surgery went smoothly, incisions look good, and I haven't had any problems keeping anything down.

While I was at my sister's house recovering, I only had 2 issues.  First, my stomach and breasts are super itchy with tiny red spots all over.  Not sure what I am having a reaction to, but Benadryl seems to be helping.  Second issue, when twisting to get out of bed, I felt a sharp, fiery pain under my port incision.  The pain is just now subsiding (4 days later), but I still feel a hard knot under the incision.  I called the surgeon's office to see if I could have ripped the port lose or caused a hernia.  They assured me that I probably just irritated the sutures, which caused swelling, and I would need to take it easy for a few weeks.

Well, I'm back to work tomorrow.  Wish me luck!

New Surgery Date

Mar 27, 2010

My lungs are all but completely clear now, and I've been given a new surgery date - 4/7/10.  I'm on day 4 of the liquid diet.  Hunger hasn't been a big issue, but I've definitely start fantasizing about the foods I won't be able to eat post-op.  I've managed to lose 11lbs over the past week, so I am starting to get excited about how good it will feel to lose 100+ more.


10 Days Pre-op...Hopefully!

Mar 21, 2010

Greetings OH community!

I'm trying to stay positive and ready myself as best I can for my rapidly approaching surgery.  Unfortunately, I've been struggling with a nasty cold that has turned into bronchitis.  I've not been able to begin the pre-op diet wholeheartedly -- initially b/c I had no appetite, then b/c I couldn't keep food down, and now b/c I can't handle protein shakes.  I'm feeling a little down b/c a) I'm not 100% convinced I'll be well enough by the surgery date, b) I'm worried the surgeon will request that I reschedule b/c of either my health or my lack of compliance with the pre-op diet, c) I'm concerned that I will have the surgery and be in extra pain or risk damaging my post-op stomach b/c of a lingering dry cough.

I'm really trying to stay positive and excited and just do my best to get the diet together.  Send positive thoughts my way!! :o)

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