10 Days Pre-op...Hopefully!

Mar 21, 2010

Greetings OH community!

I'm trying to stay positive and ready myself as best I can for my rapidly approaching surgery.  Unfortunately, I've been struggling with a nasty cold that has turned into bronchitis.  I've not been able to begin the pre-op diet wholeheartedly -- initially b/c I had no appetite, then b/c I couldn't keep food down, and now b/c I can't handle protein shakes.  I'm feeling a little down b/c a) I'm not 100% convinced I'll be well enough by the surgery date, b) I'm worried the surgeon will request that I reschedule b/c of either my health or my lack of compliance with the pre-op diet, c) I'm concerned that I will have the surgery and be in extra pain or risk damaging my post-op stomach b/c of a lingering dry cough.

I'm really trying to stay positive and excited and just do my best to get the diet together.  Send positive thoughts my way!! :o)


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