Coffee Protein Powder: Single-Serving Packet, Vanilla Latte

"Took me 2 years to discover CLICK??? Why didn't I listen sooner...a lot sooner?? Mocha...the original Click flavor...yum. They just released a second flavor...Vanilla Latte. TO DIE FOR!!!! Each serving of CLICK has 2 shots of espresso...yay for bouncing off walls. The Vanilla Latte is my I am very addicted to Starbucks Skinny Vanilla Lattes. Yes...mix up my Vanilla CLICK(hot or cold) and start my day off right!"

Mountain View

"A lot of new,young RNs but they were knowledgable about WLS and patients. "

Francis W. Teng

"Dr. Teng is extremely informative and thorough!!rnI always say it's \"Teng's way or NO WAY!!!\". He starts off by telling every patient that they must be committed to his program or they can find a different surgeon.I have heard a few patients say that they feel like he's talking down to them. He's very adamant on how things will be done. He's one awesome surgeon!!rnGoing for my last appointment next Weds. and he warned me that he will be giving me a test(routine).He'll be asking about RNY and if he feels I don't have a total understanding he won't hesitate to push back surgery date! Last chance to weigh in(I've lost quite a bit this last month)any patient who hasn't lost at least 5% weight WILL GET their surgery delayed until they have! He's tough but he tells everyone that you're committed to HIS program the first 2 years post op.rnHis brother Dr.V.Teng is anesthesiologist on all of his cases.rnTheir sister,Tina, is an RN who runs their hectic office!rnHis asst. surgeon Dr. B. Hanna is a friend of mine who has been trying to get me in the OR for 3 years! When Tina called me and said I was approved;I called Bernie and said \"You and I have a date on Dec 6th\" He was excited as I was.rnDr Teng's program is intense and requires commitment but he tells patients that on their very first visit. He does 2 hour seminar/month for people looking into surgery. Every patient must attend his seminar first. He and Dr. Hanna hold the monthly support meetings. He is VERY involved with every aspect. Like I said earlier...\"It's Teng's way or no way!!!\" "